Knitted Fox Blanket

This was a Christmas present for Miss J – a Christmas present I started ten days before Christmas, and still finished on time. I felt like a hero. A tired, tired hero.




Admittedly I did have to finish the eyes on Christmas Eve. In the car. And, when we got there, do some final finishing. And then wrap it up secretly, without Miss J seeing, so I could put it under the tree. But still – it was technically finished on time.




Not only is is super adorable (who doesn’t love a wee sleepy fox face?), it also rolls up for easy storage and carrying around. Which is ideal because this, my friends, is a travel blanket. It’s designed to live in the boot of a car, and then if you get trapped in a winter traffic jam you can wrap it round you and keep cosy. Or if you have a sudden need to picnic, it’s also good for that.




Miss J passed her driving test last year, after taking SECRET DRIVING LESSONS – what a woman. She drives a Volkswagon Fox, so knitting something fox-based and car-related for her Christmas seemed to be the only sensible thing to do.



Ready for action!


The pattern was a combination of two existing patterns – this Lion Brand travel blanket, and this utterly gorgeous kiddies’ animal blanket by Terhi Viinikanoja – plus some creative thinking and a bit of maths, to work out how to get the size I wanted with the thickness of yarn I was using. I used Stylecraft Life Special Chunky wool, in spice and white, and knitted it all up on a 6mm circular needle – the circular needle was just to hold all the stitches, not for any fancy reason. The nose and eyes were made of double knit black wool I had in my stash – the nose was knitted separately, while the eyes were sewed straight on to the blanket with a tapestry needle. I finished with chunky wooden buttons, one of each colour. There’s something about an oversized button that’s so appealing, isn’t there?


That’s the whole fox blanket story – I am so pleased with it and I’m glad to say that, more importantly, Miss J is too. Look, here she is hiding behind it on Christmas day.




Hard to say which is sweeter, the blanket or the sister. Let’s call it a draw.


No wait it’s the sister it’s obviously the sister forget I said that


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