Lola & Livvy’s

A couple of weekends ago, the G man and I were looking for somewhere to have lunch in town. We were right at Central Station, and racking our brains for somewhere nearby. Now, I know there are no shortage of bars and restaurants in Glasgow, but I was drawing a blank for somewhere to get a quick sandwich and a beverage. As we walked under the Heilanman’s Umbrella (that’s the railway bridge, to the rest of the world), we spotted this place.

L&L Front

The meaning of the word ‘Glasgow’ is ‘Dear Green Place’. Anyone who has frequented this part of the city, though, will know that the section of Argyle Street under the Heilanman’s Umbrella is more grim than green. That means that Lola & Libby’s, with its hanging baskets, vintage bike and window full of enticing cakes, looked doubly inviting. After brief conference, we went inside.

There is a remarkable array of ready-made sandwiches to take away, which is worth brain bookmarking – they looked delicious. We wanted to stop for a while, so we chose a table upstairs and took a look at the menu. The G man brought out his brand new camera to check out what it could do. I asked if he’d take some shots of our lunch, while he was practising, so all the photos you see today are from him.

L&L Menu

Our food and drinks arrived at our table in no time.


Focaccia Close Up

Greek Focaccia

Panini Close Up

Mediterranean Pannini

The sandwiches came on slate trays (I am a pushover for slate tableware), with a wee portion of dressed salad. Everything was super fresh, and the staff were really friendly. Not too friendly, they didn’t pull up a chair and join us. That would have crossed the line between ‘friendly’ and ‘too intense’, I think. The service was quick, but never rushed.

We didn’t have any cake. I now regret not having cake. Next time I’m in town, I’m having cake.

Pesto Close Up

I know it’s not difficult to make a sandwich, but a really good sandwich, the kind you don’t mind paying your hard-earned cash for, those are a different beast. These were excellent sandwiches, and a number of steps up the sandwich ladder from anything I’d routinely make at home.

Let’s just stop for a minute and think about how wonderful, yet structurally unsound, a sandwich ladder would be…

If you’re around Glasgow and in need of a lunch fix, remember that Lola & Livvy’s is there. I have talked a lot about their sandwiches (I love sandwiches, OK?) but as you can see from the menu, they also do soup, baked spuds, pasta, burgers – all the good stuff, plus an all-day breakfast that looks like it ticks all the breakfast boxes for me (mushrooms AND beans. Yes.).

Lola & Livvy’s didn’t know I would be writing a blog post, and I wasn’t compensated in any way. I just really liked it there. And who wouldn’t? It’s a great wee spot for a lunchtime break. There’s a tree growing out of the ceiling inside, but don’t worry about it. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be there. There are fairy lights on it, after all.


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