Orange Ombre Wedding Cake

Well, here it is! That big project I’ve been working on – a wedding cake for two beautiful, generous, life-affirming friends. They were married on Saturday, and we had the most fun time celebrating. The wedding was wonderful, in great part because everything to do with it was made by friends and family. I mean everything – the crocheted bunting and pom poms that decorated the hall, the outrageously good food, the music during and after the ceremony, the personalised wedding rings, the stunning bride and bridesmaid’s dresses – I’m sure I’m missing something. Oh, the cake. That was my job, and one I was honoured to take on.


Cake Morning


Now, when I look at this photo (and, indeed, when I looked at the cake itself), I could see a distinct lean going on. There was a certain amount of hand-wringing about that, but after it had settled for a few hours it looked more even. I had placed dowels in each layer, to support the weight of the layer above, so once the weight pushed the top layers downwards the base boards were resting on these, instead of the surface of the cakes. Problem solved. Hand-wringing unnecessary. Phew.



Photo courtesy of the G-man.


The theme for the wedding was ‘Ginger Love’, and we wanted the cake to reflect this. It was ginger ombre inside and out – though alas, there are no photos of the inside. We had better things to be getting on with (read: dancing until we thought we were going to pass out from the heat) than photographing the inside of the cake. I had a Pinterest board to keep a note of inspiring cakes, colour schemes and techniques – here, you can have a peek at it.


This was super useful when it came to talking with the bride and groom about what they’d like the cake to look and taste like. In the end, we combined an idea from a cake we found online with the pattern from the sugar bowl on their dining room table. It’s not every day you make a cake based on a sugar bowl, but that’s how we roll.



Photo courtesy of the G-man



The recipe I used for the bottom and top layers was this traditional fruit cake from Mary Berry. Both layers were wrapped in homemade marzipan, which I coloured orange to match the theme. The top layer was then finished in a basic buttercream, and I piped Orla Kiely inspired hearts on top with royal icing. The bottom layer was draped in ready-made fondant before I stuck homemade sugar shapes round it. Some of those shapes were embossed with vintage patterns, and they were made in gradually lightening shades of orange.

The middle layers were this orange olive oil cake from David Leite, and filled with buttercream combined with homemade (and recipe-less) orange jam. The bigger layer was coated in buttercream and finished with royal icing, while the smaller had the same fondant and sugar shapes treatment as the base. Both cakes have the advantage of being suitable to prepare days ahead of time – in fact, the fruitcake would keep for months if you wanted.



I had a great time designing and making the cake for these two. It was made with a great deal of love, and a great deal of sugar, and an enormous amount of eggs. But, you know, most of all love.


Love you guys, ya coupla schmucks x

photo credit to stevegray81

photo credit to stevegray81

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