What I’ve Been Up To

I won’t lie: I’ve been having ever such a nice time in my blogging break. It had become a bit of a strain to sort out my photos and prepare a blog post each week, not to mention cook at least one thing worth blogging about in the first place. I think I made a good decision to take a rest – but I did feel drawn to share one of the projects I’ve been working on in the mean time, and I hope you like it!


A brief preface: I enjoy geekery. This won’t come as a shock, I don’t think – hello, Death Star Cake anyone? I took it into my head to express this geekery in a new way with a fan video. This was my first, and may well be my last, but goodness it was fun to make!


Now, d’you ever listen to a 90s pop song and think, ‘Well I never, this song completely sums up the relationship between two Norse gods’?




Usually, me neither.


Until a couple of months ago, when exactly that happened.


So, without any further preamble, here is the result of that stray thought – Thor and Loki meet Avril Lavigne, and it is glorious.



I have to say, I’m very proud of it.


I’ve also been knitting a selection of items, and working on one massive blog-relevant project that I’ll be excited to share finished pictures of when it’s done – all will be revealed at the end of the month.


I’ve been thinking that it might be good to open out my blog to encompass the new hobbies I’ve been practising. Since I’m still not much good at the ukulele, that really means my knitting. I have one near-finished item that I can post about, plus another couple in the pipeline, so perhaps you’ll see Rock Salt branching out into new territory over the coming months. I have missed connecting with people through blogging, and I know my mum was disappointed to hear I wasn’t going to be posting for a while (hi mum!), so in the absence of any inspiring food or drink, sharing my crafting adventures seems like a nice idea.


I hope you stick around to check it out!


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