Sainsbury’s Book Giveaway Draw

Here we go! I’m drawing the two winners for the giveaway I posted two weeks ago. Two winners will each receive a copy of this lovely Sainsbury’s cake decorating book.

Sainsbury's Book 7




I had twelve entries in all, and I numbered them in order that they arrived. This was the final list:



  1. Wandering Angie
  2. Foody Nicole
  3. Holly @My Cheshire Life
  4. Sarah D
  5. Sarah D
  6. Stacey @ Nobody Said It Was Easy
  7. Julie Jenter
  8. Katie Skeoch
  9. Katie Skeoch
  10. Maxine
  11. Jo Nash
  12. Lisa @ Lisa Loves Leftovers


Thank you everyone for putting your name in the virtual hat. I used the random number generator on the homepage to draw two numbers between one and twelve, and here are the results!


Draw One Draw Two


Nicole and Sarah, congratulations! I’ll send you both an email so that I can get your book sent out to you. Enjoy them, and I’d love to see photos of anything you make from the book.


To everyone else, I’m sorry you couldn’t all be winners. I’m experiencing some very real guilt, but I’m sure you will all soldier on with a stiff upper lip.


Thanks again to Sainsbury’s for making this giveaway possible.


Now, a tiny preview of an upcoming post… Think of this as my equivalent to those Marvel post-credits teasers. I’ve been experimenting with making an unusual ingredient, and here is the final result:


Mystery Item


If you follow me on Facebook, you will already know what this is. If you don’t – no cheating! Leave me your best guess in the comments below.



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