Rock Salt on Tour: Manchester

I’m off gallivanting again! This time I’m in Manchester for a week with some chums, for a great deal of nonsense and a great deal more hilarity. Or perhaps that’s the other way round? In either case we’re having a simply marvellous time, so much so that I skipped my usual Wednesday post. However, I did take a stroll down Market Street yesterday and find that there are street foods available Thursday to Saturday. If I had posted on Wednesday I’d have missed the opportunity to share some impromptu photos from my walk around, so perhaps I subconsciously knew.


Probably not.


Anyway, here is a peek at some of the delights Manchester’s street food had to offer:


I opted for the two foods I was least able to get hold of at home – Caribbean and dim sum. To wit, goat curried with rice and peas alongside siu mai, steamed buns. I know, an odd pairing – there were two of us, so we went for a kind of fusion sharing vibe.

Street Food Manchester 013

Dim sum

Street Food Manchester 019

Goat curry

I swear, this was one of the best meals I’ve eaten for ages, eclectic as it was. The curry was exactly the right spicy, and paired with a ginger beer it was even better. The dim sum hit the spot exactly; the buns were fluffy and soft with savoury-sweet pork inside:

Street Food Manchester 034

All in all, a tremendously successful experiment.

Thanks Manchester!

Street Food Manchester 023


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