St Patrick’s Day 2014 (with Parsley Cake)

Last year, a happy band of three chums celebrated St Patrick’s Day in our customary sombre manner. I put on a bit of a spread of green food, in honour of the occasion, and this year we felt we should do it again, cement the tradition, so to speak.

The tradition also involves a blog post that is comprised far more of pictures than words, as you can see from last year’s St Patrick’s Day post. And who am I to break with tradition? Apart from the person who invented it… Sh.

Deviled Eggs

You know I love my deviled eggs (and deviled quail eggs). I’ve even come to accept the correct spelling, even though it still looks utterly wrong to me. These ones are really simple – the egg yolks are mashed with mayonnaise, a little wholegrain mustard, and mustard cress, then garnished with more cress leaves. They even look a little like shamrocks, if you squint…

St Patrick's Day 070

Would you believe me if I said I made this photo deliberately blurry? No? Fair enough. Little skewers with cornichons, cucumber, cheese and golden tomatoes – very simple, great for a party. I do enjoy food on a skewer.

St Patrick's Day 075

Green tea meringues with lime cream. It continues to be difficult to dye food a bright green colour without using artificial colouring. The green tea completely disappeared in these meringues – but they do look pretty.

Sourdough pesto breadsticks. This is a combination of my favourite grissini recipe from Wild Yeast, and an idea from Home Joys. These breadsticks look really fancy, but don’t really take any fancy techniques. Depending on your idea of ‘fancy’, I suppose – I find the basic recipe really easy to follow, and when it came to adding a few twists I hoped for the best and went for it. They worked out beautifully, and the pesto added a soft chewiness which was a nice contrast to the crisp edges. It’s made me think of all the different breadsticks I could start to churn out – pizza breadsticks were mentioned last night. They’ve been noted in my brain.

The culinary highlight of the evening was this really interesting parsley cake recipe, which I saw on Food 52 last week. It is indisputably, undeniably green, and uses no food colouring. It does use an enormous amount of parsley and a lesser amount of mint, which gives it the finished colour and flavour. I chose to make individual cakes as opposed to one sheet cake – they baked for about fifteen minutes, but a few minutes less would probably have done the trick and might have prevented the slight browning round the edges.

The cake is very minty, sweet, and muffiny in texture. It works with butter, like a scone, or I imagine it would work with vanilla ice cream, as suggested in the recipe, or a lemon infused whipped cream.

Parsley Cake 004

If only I’d had shamrock shaped baking cases!


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