Review: Christmas Hamper from Viking

Just so that you know, this is a review of a product of which I was sent a free sample. The opinions in the post are, as ever, mine, and the review is honest. Please note my Patrick Stewart-worthy sentence arrangement in the first line there.

I’ve never had a hamper before, though I’ve often looked at them admiringly – I like a wicker basket, I cannot lie. So, when someone representing Viking got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I’d like to try one of their Christmas gift packages, I was delighted to say yes. Soon after, this arrived:

Hamper 001

Wow, right? Well, what if I told you it also had a second layer?

Hamper 014

I know. Mindblowing. Like the best ever box of chocolates.

I had associated Viking with office supplies, until now, and in fairness that is what they do – but it’s not all. In amongst the printer paper and office tea and coffee making supplies, there are gift cards, and gift hampers like this one. Have a closer look at the contents of this one – which is called the Christmas Cracker, and is currently selling for £43.99 – usually £54.99.

The delivery took three working days, and everything was packed extremely safely, and securely. That meant that there were no breakages, bashings or other traumas as it made its way to me. I haven’t tried everything – hopefully I’ll have enough self control to keep some for a few weeks and eat it at Christmas time – but I couldn’t resist breaking into the Yorkshire crisps, and the chocolate chip cookies. Both were delicious.

You have up until December 9th to order in time for Christmas – though the sooner the better, really. Take a look at all the available hampers here at Viking – they start at £22.39 at time of writing (usually £27.99). Thank you to Viking, and to Jonathan for thinking of me!


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