Foodie Penpals October 2013

This month I was lucky enough to have another parcel from the Netherlands – this time from Nikki, who does not have a blog for me to point you to. So, straight on to the parcel, then!



Here is what I saw when I opened it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love it when the writing on the packaging isn’t in English – it’s so mysterious! Which makes it all the more exciting. Also, I could spy a bag of something homemade, and a wee note waiting to be read.




Nikki included the recipe of how to use this, which is a kinda soup/stew mix, in her note, which is really helpful given the aformentioned lack of English and my woeful lack of other languages. It involves green beans and ham or minced beef, and will be fun to give it a whirl!


Next, that intriguing bag of homemade treats.




These are Pfeffernüsse, or peppernuts, and they’re little spiced biscuits, which are traditional around the time of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. NIkki made these herself, and I had barely unpacked the whole parcel before I was face down in the bag. Well, perhaps not as undignified as that, but not too far off. They’re really delicious, almost irresistable.



Next up is a great big bag of peppermints! Or pepermunts, as I vowed to call them, last time. With these, I’d like to use them in baking – has anyone done this before? I could crush them up for sprinkling/flavouring icing? Or I could smash them up and put them in chocolate bark?




Mayonnaise for my chips! We call them chips here. You may know them as fries. Or French fries. Or freedom fries – is that still a thing that’s happening? Anyway, mayo is my favourite condiment and I look forward to trying a new brand.



A chocolate St Nick! I love hollow chocolate, and this brings back happy memories from my youth where I seem to remember having hollow Santas, more often than St Nicks, but they were a very similar shape… I always think that hollow chocolate tastes better, because of the surface area. Like grated cheese, or tiny sandwiches. It’s very scientific.




Finally, there is this salami – I’m not sure what kind it is, but it smells like it might be sweet and have spices like cinnamon in it. Interesting!


Thank you, Nikki, for this great parcel full of surprises, and traditional foods, which is just what I wanted!


To see more parcels from around the world, check out the linkup post here:.

Having looked through them, f you’d like to take part in Foodie Penpals, great!

To sign up in the UK and Europe, go here on Rock Salt.

To sign up in the US and Canada, go here to The Lean Green Bean.


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