Saturday Snapshots: What Remains

We have reached the end of my holiday pictures. Some people make theirs last for hours – I’ve gone several steps further and dragged it out for four months. Oh yeah.  I only have a few left that don’t reeeeally fit together, but I’ll pop them all in here regardless.

One of the first days after we arrived, we picked up some sandwiches at a local deli and sat on the grass, watching kids play ball hockey and enjoying the sun. Also on the way back we climbed a tree and had a go on a children’s slide but I’m not sharing pictures of that.

Holiday 2013 040 Holiday 2013 042I had a turkey sandwich on a kaiser roll (wait, is that a kaiser roll?), with fresh salad, loads of mustard and spicy pickles. And a cherry Coke, naturally. It was an excellent sandwich, for an excellent afternoon. It felt like a proper Canadian activity, because there was hockey involved. Also there were lots of kiddies and dogs running around, which makes for good people watching. The dogs were less interested in making friends once we’d finished our sandwiches, mind you.

Spool forward a little, and we come to our camping trip. While we were there, we visited the campsite store for some bits and pieces that we had run out of, or hadn’t brought, and we had a spot of lunch while we were there. This is a Western sandwich:

Holiday 2013 154 Holiday 2013 156

In other words, a ham and onion omelette on toast. Egg products on toast = big win, as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, a few shots we took around the supermarket, probably to the bemusement of anyone who noticed. What can I say? Sometimes foreign products are exotic; other times they’re funny.

Holiday 2013 090What? What is… Who thought of… I can’t even… This is almost as bad as the meat with the cartoon bear’s face in it. Actually it might be worse. They’re both in the top five of appalling processed meat products, that’s for sure.

Holiday 2013 037

This is funny because of a Bill Bailey sketch, but alas, the internet has let me down and I can’t find it to share. ‘La Vache qui rit’ is funny, OK?

1Holiday 2013 038

Where I come from, if you’re drunk, you’re ‘steaming’. Well, actually we have dozens of words for ‘drunk’ and can furthermore appropriate almost any word to mean the same thing, given the right context, but steaming is a common one. Soooo… drunk dumplings? For shame!

That is all from me – I think Saturday Snapshots has run its course. Which is just in time for NaNoWriMo to start. You’ll probably see some re-posts on Rock Salt in the month of November, while I work on the book that I wrote last year. If you have any leaning towards writing, any at all, join in with NaNo this year – it’ll kick start you, and you’ll be glad you did.


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