Saturday Snapshots: The Green Room

Can you believe I’m still blogging holiday photographs? Not bad going.

Before we set off, a few people had recommendations to give us – it’s always good to have an idea of places to go before you arrive in a new city, so that you have a starting point for your adventures. Miss R, of BeautyH2T, put us on to The Annexe, which you heard a bit about in one of my earlier posts. She also had one particular bar to recommend, and after a bit of monkeying around and buying new, ‘please don’t use data roaming’ apps, we found it.

It’s called The Green Room, and you wouldn’t really know it was there – the entrance is off the beaten track. It’s not exactly down an alleyway, which kind of makes it harder to find. As you pass by, you think ‘oh that space must be a car park, the bar must be on the next proper street’ and then, if you’re like me, your spidey senses tingle and you turn round and, sure enough, the bar is actually there on a wall that you kind of thought belonged to a supermarket or something. Perhaps it is a magic door? Perhaps. It’s not as twinkly as you might expect a magic door to be, snarl of electrical cables nonwithstanding.

Green RoomAs you can see, the Green Room is a bit rough round the edges, which I quite like. Not everyone will. That is OK. It’s not a shiny bar, but it has bags of character, and guess what else? Cheap cocktails. Why did you think I was there in the first place?

Cocktail menu
The cocktail menu is laminated. I think that tells you a lot.

We sat out in the patio – form the outside you would have no idea that the patio even existed, but it’s there. Again, there may be sorcery at work. It’s got a bit of an enchanted grotto vibe going on, but with more flies and cigarette ends. Not a romantic enchanted grotto, then. But, what it does have is a raggedy fish pond, and fairy lights, and whole walls covered in ivy. And green drinks.

Fish pond Fairy Lights Ivy Walls Holiday 2013 538

I think it might all have been a bit too much for the G man.

I think it might all have been a bit too much for the G man.



I sampled a couple of their boozy delights, though I didn’t try the Mind Eraser. It is possible that there comes a point in your life where you are no longer drawn to cocktails called the Mind Eraser. Just a theory I have. I tried the Dr Pecker – rye, cranberry juice and coke – and the Rainforest – rum, melon liquer, pineapple juice and bar lime mix.


What on earth is bar lime mix?


Holiday 2013 539 Holiday 2013 541 Holiday 2013 534 Holiday 2013 536



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