Lunch at Siempre

This is another one of those reviews, of sorts. The fine people at Siempre don’t know I’ve written it, and didn’t ask me to. We went in as regular (I was going to say normal, but, you know…), paying customers, and walked out as fans.


You may, like me, have walked past Siempre, if you live in Glasgow. It’s next to Kelvinhall underground station, and it has lots of bikes in the window. In fact, it’s full title is Siempre Bicycle Cafe. I’m not a big bike connoisseur – or even a small one – and I’d always assumed that the main function of the cafe was bikes and related things, with food and drink on the side.

Then, as we were walking past, we noticed menus on the tables outside. We were looking for somewhere to get a bite to eat, so we stopped for a look. The menu is great! Everything sounds really appetising – there is breakfast, brunch and lunch, plus sharing platters, smoothies, other hot and cold drinks and chocolate truffles. Take a look for yourself.

We ordered a couple of ice cream smoothies to get us started – banana mocha and peanut butter and jelly. That’s right, a PB & J smoothie. I feel like more people should know of its existence, even though I can’t stand it myself. I’m big-hearted that way.


Thirst catered for and quenched, I ordered the crayfish po’boy. Truth: this was partly because I wanted to say po’boy. It was massive and contained at least an ocean’s worth of crayfish. It was also delicious, spicy and garlicky, and so filling.



The G man ordered the smoked salmon sandwich, which was a lot more delicate than my lunch but still packed to an appropriate level with salmon and cream cheese.


To be honest I barely gave it a second glance, captivated as I was with my own lunch, but he assures me it was excellent.

There was no room for dessert, or even a homemade truffle. I felt like I might be turning into a crayfish in some kind of unlikely, Kafkaesque way, so off we went. It didn’t happen, but if it had I wouldn’t have wanted to disturb the other patrons.

The menu at Siempre is great, with more sandwiches than you could shake a stick at. As someone who considers sandwiches a good group in their own right, this appeals to me. The staff are friendly, the prices reasonable and the food is, literally, something to write home about. Plus, if you’re into cycling, you can pick up some new gear and flip through some bike magazines while you’re there.

Being into cycling isn’t a prerequisite, though. They don’t make you sit a test before you order lunch.


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