Saturday Snapshots: The Beaches

The Beaches is another area of Toronto we went to check out while we were visiting. How can you not like a neighbourhood where they have these signs?


We spent a lovely afternoon wandering along the lakeshore, although we did get caught in an absolute deluge of rain that left us running along the boardwalk to get to shelter, me trying not to slip out of my sandals and laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.

When the rain went off and the sun came back out, the rain evaporated off the boardwalk and the sand and made this amazing, atmospheric mist all round us. It was one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.

Misty Sand Beaches Mist

We also met Beach Squirrel. He had buried something under the sand and he was digging it back up again. I have never in my life seen a squirrel on the beach, but this guy looked right at home.

Beach Squirrel 1 Beach Squirrel 2 Beach Squirrel 3 Beach Squirrel 4

We finished up with dinner at The Beacher, and had some of the best food we ate all holiday. The menu had *exactly* what I was craving – fettucine with a creamy smoked salmon sauce. I love psychic menus. Before the main event, we shared bruschetta with extra goat cheese (the portion was huge!), and while I was face down in my pasta the G man had artichoke fettucini, which he ate with much more decorum than I could muster. I swear, the food was extraordinary. If you’re in that area of Queen Street, do yourself a favour and pop in. They serve breakfast and a weekend brunch as well as dinner – they’re open from 8am till 11pm. Your window of opportunity is wiiiiiiiiiide open.

Bruschetta Bruschetta Close Salmon Fettucine Artichoke Fettucine


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