Foodie Penpals September 2013

This month, my parcel came from Angie – head on over to her blog at Wandering Angie. Angie put together a really thoughtful, Autumn themed parcel for me. Let’s get stuck in.

FPP September 001

FPP September 002Right on the top was a card, which turned out to be this sweet ‘thank you’ card. I have to say, that did make me feel a little emotional. It is so nice to be thanked, it can be quite a powerful thing to hear, or read, in this case. Inside it detailed everything Angie had put in my parcel, telling me why she had chosen it, another lovely personal touch.

FPP September 004

The first thing I thought was ‘there is so much here!’. The box was really packed full.

FPP September 006

The first thing I took out was this pasta sauce. I don’t know how Angie knew, but I’ve been eating tons of pasta lately. It’s a quick, low maintenance solution, and when you work two jobs you need meals like that more often than you might admit, especially if you write a food blog… I wish I could say I ate homemade, beautiful to look at food every night – but not enough to actually do it. This will come in super handy one night after I get in from the office.

FPP September 008

Next, I fished out these hot chocolate sachets – I hadn’t tried the white chocolate Options, so this was a great addition. I look forward to drinking them from my happy orange mug.

FPP September 009

Fellow Mighty Boosh fans will join me in the soup crimp on spying these. I’ve never bought croutons, and only rarely made them (I can think of one occasion) so these are something I would be unlikely to buy for myself – a perfect FPP item, in other words. I look forward to trying them with mushroom soup, which I intend on trying my hand at soon.

FPP September 011

Huh – apologies for the ‘soft focus’ nature of this photo… I used to know someone who would drink bouillon instead of tea or coffee – like veggie Bovril. I’m not entirely sold on the idea but I’ll give it a whirl, and if not then at least I have a stash of veggie stock to use in soups, stews and gravies all through the autumn and winter.

FPP September 012

Golden syrup in the squeezy bottle! If you haven’t tried the squeezy bottle yet, it’s a revelation, so much more convenient than trying to get the last of the syrup out of the tin when it just wants to stick to everything. Also you don’t get the massive string of syrup between spoon and tin, no matter how high you try to raise your arm to avoid it, like a big spiderweb but stickier and harder to wash off.

FPP September 014

Gah, another soft focus number. Sorry chaps, I guess my camera mojo was away off to one side the day I took these snaps. Angie says that fig rolls remind her of her childhood – they remind me of being at my Aunt Anna’s house when I was very small. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of them, but after the second bite I was a convert. Still, I would never think to buy them for the house, and so again, they were a great thing to send me! It’s occurred to me that perhaps I can include them in some kind of recipe. Hmm… Not sure what that would be. I may have to just eat them straight from the packet, instead.

FPP September 016

Whatever those cookies are on the front of the packet, I want to make them. I’ve never made chocolate chip cookies since embarking on my food blog path – in fact, the last time I remember making them was in the year 2000, at a new year’s party. Wow. Those ones turned out brilliantly but it’s the only time I’d ever made them well – my previous attempts had all turned out rock hard, or stuck to the parchment. I must revisit – I love really chewy cookies, so maybe I’ll go for a batch of the filled ones, like on the packet, and a batch of giant soft ones. Orrrr tiny ones for cupcakes. So many options!

FPP September 017

Finally, there were two chocolate bares – a classic Green and Blacks, and this Lindt bar. The Lindt bar went straight in my face, and straight on Instagram, with the caption ‘I’m not used to snacks introducing themselves before I devour them like a wild animal…’. It was really delicious, the filling is creamy with tiny flecks of crunchy cookie in it. I’m a huge fan of mixed textures. Huge.

The Green and Blacks I intend on making into a mousse – I may have already eaten some of it… But there should be enough left for a wee glass of chocolate mousse the next time I feel the need.

Thank you again, Angie, for this lovely parcel, I look forward to eating everything that I haven’t already cracked open.

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