Saturday Snapshots: How to Go Camping

I have amassed a few Rock Salt recommendations where camping is concerned. I also have a load of photos from our time in Algonquin National Park – by which I mean, mostly photos of the food we cooked on the amazing propane grill that came along with the yurt site. This was the same place that we made s’mores and got frightened by a raccoon, though that blog post was a lot more cohesive… Work with me as I try to tie this one together.


I will write it in the form of a list! I love a good list.


Side note: WordPress is doing that Thing where it doesn’t respect my desire for evenly spaced text and photos. Let’s all try to ignore it, and maybe it’ll go away…


1 – Get a yurt. I mean, I like the fun of a tent, and it’s cheap, and you get the satisfaction of building it… but you can stand up in a yurt while you’re getting changed, and that can be a deal breaker. Just look at all that space!


2 – Stay hydrated. With sugary ‘coolers’ (we don’t have that word here. I think our equivalent is alco-pops) and beer.

MIke's Palm Bay

3 – Bring a cooler. For the beer. And the food!


4 – Bring enough meat to kill a T-Rex (and bring tinfoil for the grill, cos it’s gonna get messy).

Skewers  Ribs GrillRibs Cooked Grill 2 Grill

5 – Oh yeah, and a vegetable. Make that vegetable work hard.

Asparagus Asparagus Grilled

6 – Watch out for territorial squirrels.

Squirrel Wheel Squirrel Table

7 – Bring marinades, ketchup and mustard, and be fancy when you apply them.


8 – Buy enough firewood and carry it through dappled sunlight so that whoever is with you can take what they think is a really cool picture.




9 – Wear a ridiculous shirt and, crucially, long sleeves under it to keep out the mosquitoes because they are NO JOKE. Spray on insect repellant like it’s going out of fashion, but don’t do it near the grill, OK?


10 – Take time out from eating to appreciate the scenery.

View 2 View 3 View 1

11 – Look out for new wildlife buddies.

FrogBeaver Far Beaver Face

12 – Soak your feet in a lake.


13 – Never, ever, ever keep food in the yurt.

Bear Sign


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