Saturday Snapshots: Montreal


I don’t really speak French.

Well, only a very tiny bit.

We went to Montreal for a few days this summer – while we were all the way across the Atlantic, it seemed churlish not to visit some new places. We spoke some French of varying degrees of goodness, ate plenty of snacks, drank a lot of drinks (did you know that the bars stay open till 3am there?) and generally had a lovely time. I said ‘merci’ countless times. I took a range of photos, to try and illustrate the side of the city that we saw, and I’d like to share some of them today.

Before I go any further, I want to give mega credit to the glorious Rebel, who gave me dozens of hints about where to go in Montreal and made sure we had a great time, even though she wasn’t there. That’s a pal and a half.


Holiday 2013 345 Holiday 2013 343 Holiday 2013 365 Holiday 2013 368 Holiday 2013 366 Holiday 2013 350 Holiday 2013 351

One thing I noticed about Montreal was the urban art – it seemed to me that it was absolutely everywhere. Some of it was edgy, some was beautiful, most was colourful above all.

That last shot is of my favourite place we went to eat – Chez Jose. We had some storming good sandwiches and fruit smoothies (which began the dawning realisation that smoothies are actually pretty good), then we had crepes (poir et chocolat for me). The cafe has a kind of retro-weird vibe happening. The tables are psychadelic tie-dyed. What’s not to love?


Holiday 2013 356 Holiday 2013 358 Holiday 2013 360 Holiday 2013 352

We also went to Reuben’s, which wasn’t on Rebel’s list but was recommended to us by a drunk stranger, and you know that those kind of recommendations are always reliable, not to mention safe.

My sandwich was six miles high. I’m barely exaggerating.


Holiday 2013 283Also I had lychee cocktail, and the G man had a ginormous slice of cake.


Holiday 2013 287 Holiday 2013 285


We visited a variety of bars in the city.


Holiday 2013 293 Holiday 2013 291 Holiday 2013 386 Holiday 2013 384

Brutopia, on the right there, is (as the name suggests) a brew pub where they serve up their own beers alongside commercial brands. They had some of the workings on display, in shiny copper. They also had a very cool thing going on, where people had signed all the bricks on one of the walls. Kind of ties in with the urban art around the city. I thought it was awesome.

Holiday 2013 378

Holiday 2013 382 Holiday 2013 381

We took the Metro to get around. I spoke English when I bought the tickets – I regret it. French would have been cooler.


Holiday 2013 369

Holiday 2013 294


In short, we had a great time.

I have also put together a Tumblr post, to show Rebel how many of the places she recommended we got round to visiting. That’s right, I use Tumblr now. It’s a place to combine my blog, my love of food photos and my geekery all in one ‘there is no common link between these things is there? Thought not.’ place. Link is there in the sidebar, come on over. I do gifs and everything.


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