Saturday Snapshots: Wild Rover Food

Sometimes, you come across a street food vendor with the most remarkable selection of locally sourced, seasonally appropriate and downright face pleasing food. Sometimes that happens. And then sometimes, you realise that they are fun, friendly people too. And that is awesome! And then, sometimes, you meet them when you’ve been drinking and you’re wearing a fake moustache on your finger and doing a plummy English accent that you think is hilarious, despite evidence to the contrary, and they are *still* friendly and welcoming, and then you realise, hey, these guys are off the chain.

I’m talking about Wild Rover Food. You may recognise them from previous posts – I met them first at the Kelburne Garden Party and then at Doune the Rabbit Hole last year. Or, you may know them from other festivals you’ve been at, or even from a party or wedding – they cater for private functions, too. They get around, like the song says.

Today, I just want to post a few snaps – some old and some new – and praise Cat, Rob and the rest of their team (whose names my drunken plummy English Flight-Commander alter-ego didn’t catch) for all that they do, and for the grace and good nature with which they do it.

Doune 2 017

Doune 2 023

Doune 2 018

Doune 2 019

Doune 2 021

Lentil, Bacon and Rocket Salad

Doune 2 028

Pigeon Wrap

Stag Burger

Stag Burger

Wild Rover Egg Smokie Roll

Scrambled Eggs and Smokies

Wild Rover Pigeon

Pigeon Wrap, with beetroot this time

Rabbit Stew

Cullen Skink

Doune 2 020

‘D’you want a photograph that shows love?’

Doune 2 016

The stag burger, up in the middle there somewhere, was my culinary highlight of the weekend. It was pronounced by one of my chums, ‘the best burger I’ve ever had’ – it was sensationally good. I had two, in the space of three days. On the other day I had a Halloumi Heaven Wrap – tragically undocumented here.

Allow me to draw your attention to the last photo there – there is a new British Street Food app on the go, and Wild Rover Food deserve a mighty number of rates on there. I would never ask you to rate something you can’t vouch for personally… Except that is exactly what I’m doing, right now. If you have a smart phone and a spare few minutes, give them the thumbs up on this app – if I could do it more than once, I certainly would.

You can keep in touch with Wild Rover Food in lots of ways – here are some of them:


TL;DR: I heart Wild Rover Food, OK?



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