Saturday Snapshots: Strip Mall Sushi

While we were away, I made use of Google Maps a lot, to figure out where we should go to eat or drink. I was determined that we’d go to more restaurants this time round – on our last big holiday we spent a lot of time doing really touristy stuff, and on the road, so we leaned heavily towards pub food. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the pub food (the magic word ‘pub’ will give you an idea why), but I wanted to try different cuisines, and maybe a slightly more gourmet experience this time around.

So, once we knew what we were going to do on a given day, I’d bring up our destination on Google Maps on my phone and then hit ‘search nearby’. Some days, I’d just put in ‘restaurants’ and let it show me the full range. On some days, I knew what I wanted to eat, and got a bit more specific. On the day in question, I had a real craving for sushi. We were going to a local-ish mall, not downtown but north of the city, and I asked Google to work its magic.

It showed me a few restaurants within the mall itself, including a place for sushi – some were in the food court, and some attached to the complex. This wasn’t what I wanted. Shopping centre food makes me sad. There is a great air of desperation and misery about them, if you ask me. However, there was also a sushi place, Tekka Sushi, just across the road and down a side street, off the main drag and cooried in to an apartment complex. The reviews (another useful feature from GM) were all really positive. Many of them mentioned that it was the kind of place a person might walk past, taking from the unassuming exterior that it wasn’t great quality. It was clear that anyone who did walk past would be making a mistake, in the reviewers’ opinions. This was our restaurant of choice for the day – we could see it on the map, it would be easy to find.

Tekka Sushi

It turned out to be attached to a strip mall. In truth, I would probably have walked past it; in fact, we had our doubts while we were standing outside. We girded our loins, decided to trust in Google, and went in.

It subsequently turned out to be the best sushi we’d ever had. The menu was ‘all you can eat’, which we didn’t really take advantage of (by which I mean, we didn’t eat until we were ready to burst), but we certainly got value for money. If you’re in Toronto, go along. If you don’t trust in Google, trust in Rock Salt.

Holiday 2013 427

Rows of bottles and a cool mural wall

Holiday 2013 424

Refreshing plum wine

Holiday 2013 410

Gorgeous sushi and sashimi board

Holiday 2013 413

Snapper, white tuna, mackerel and salmon sashimi

Holiday 2013 411

California roll

Holiday 2013 417

Pumpkin tempura (a first for me!)

Holiday 2013 419

Teriyaki squid

Holiday 2013 415

Beef sashimi (another first)

Holiday 2013 421

Mango and red bean ice cream

Holiday 2013 423

Yep, red bean ice cream again but CLOSER.

I’m looking at these photos now and feeling quite emotional. That’s how good the food was. It was so fresh, so full of flavours both delicate and punchy, so downright delicious. We had intended to go back, but you know how it is – time is always marching on, and with trying new places and new things we never made it again. I can only hope it’s still there next time.

Ah, nostalgia. You sneak up on a person.

PS – the beef sashimi. I could just die. Er… in a good way, rather than a food poisony way. It was so good. Words fail me.

PPS – the mackerel sashimi. It’s my favourite. Argh.



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4 responses to “Saturday Snapshots: Strip Mall Sushi

  • movita beaucoup

    GAH! This sounds amazing. Oddly enough, my favourite restaurant in Toronto (Vietnamese) is in a similar location, and looks like a cheap cafeteria. But oh, the food!!

  • Annika

    Mmmmh. Sushi. The California Roll looks good! I only ever eat sushi in Vancouver anymore, because it usually is better and less expensive than in London. Been to a few strip mall sushi places, and they were all okay to good.

    • Rock Salt

      I hear Vancouver is the best – I hope to get there one day to give it a go. There is a place in Glasgow I’m fond off, if you’re ever visiting do let me know – would love your opinion!

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