Foodie Penpals July 2013

It’s Foodie Penpals reveal day! Let’s get amongst it!

My parcel this month came from Kim in the Netherlands. The first thing I saw when I opened my parcel was this:

FPP July 2013 003

Kim had printed out a map to show where my parcel had come from. I thought this was a great idea, it made me grin to see the path it must have taken, and to think of it being handed from post office to delivery person to post office to delivery person. Thinking of all the FPP parcels jetting around does make me happy.

Next I read Kim’s postcard, which she’d added to the box – she had also put individual labels on everything to describe it for me, which was so thoughtful, and must have taken a lot of time.

FPP July 2013 004


I got dug into the rest of my parcel – my first impression was that there was loads of colour in the box, and I was excited to see what it all was.

FPP July 2013 005

First, apple chips. Kim tells me that she has never tried these – and you know, neither have I! But I’ve often looked at them and thought, ‘I must try those…’, so this was a perfect inclusion. I only opened my box yesterday so I haven’t tried anything from it; sometimes it’s nice to savour the parcel and enjoy the anticipation of trying new things, as much as it is to actually open and eat them.

FPP July 2013 006

Manna plofrijst! otherwise known as puffed rice – I think these are like Rainbow Drops, which I remember fondly from my childhood. Kim suggested using these to decorate cupcakes, which has given me an idea that I hope to develop and share soon… They can also be made into extraordinarily sweet krispie cakes (lowercase k) – I speak from experience here.

FPP July 2013 007I’ve seen speculaas flavoured things on lots of other blogs, so I’m really excited to try this spice mix for myself. Again, I have an idea of what to use it in, but Kim suggests using it to make speculaas or pepernoten, which sound like they’d be a fun experiment for me. It’s so exciting to try something from a different country, this is one of the reasons FPP is such fun.

FPP July 2013 008Rose fondantkoek! Or, I think if you want to be literal, pink icingcake. The English is right there on the packet, though, if you want an accurate, rather than literal, translation. Kim writes in her note that she used to get one of these as a treat on a Saturday evening – what a sweet story, and I’m glad I get to try something that brought her such joy as a wee yin.

FPP July 2013 009Pepermunts – I may adopt this word instead of the English. These are named after a former Dutch monarch. I have tried one of these – just one! – and they have a lovely mellow, sweet flavour. They are also very firm, not chalky like some mints, and I think they will be a lovely after-meal treat.

FPP July 2013 010Finally, more speculaas flavoured items – this time, Schuddebuikjes. Apparently this translates as ‘shake bellies’ – isn’t that great? They are little cookie chips, and they’re traditionally served on toast for breakfast. I also feel like I can use them to decorate cakes, which ties in with the idea for the spice mix above. They come in a cool carton that you can pour them out from, and that I’ve shoogled a lot to hear them rattling around inside. I believe the phrase is ‘small minds are easily amused’.

I’ve just realised that ‘schudde’ and ‘shoogle’ aren’t a million miles apart – shoogle is a Scots word for ‘shake’. Huh.

FPP July 2013 011

Kim, thank you so very much for this great parcel, I was delighted to receive everything in it and hope to do them justice in the coming weeks, by using some in a couple of cake recipes. If not, I’m certain I’ll enjoy everything just as it comes!

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