Saturday Snapshots: The Caesar

While we were away on holiday in Canada, I took a loooooooooot of photos. Really a lot. And many of them were of food and drink, as you might expect. So, to put this another way, I have a few posts to write about our adventures, including a few Canadian delicacies that we were hooked up with while we were there.

The first post I want to write is a bit of a visual recipe, courtesy of the G man. In Canada, they have their own version of a Bloody Mary – the Caesar, or Bloody Caesar to give it its definitely not Sunday name. Now, personally, I can’t stand it. I hate to be blunt, but my God. I don’t like a Bloody Mary – tomato juice is just dreadful, as far as I’m concerned. A Caesar has the additional charm of being made with Clamato juice, which for some people adds a lovely savoury note that they find delicious. For me, it adds a weird savoury note that I find baffling.

I do not like savoury drinks. It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, with this dislike of savoury drinks, I was very much in the minority when we were on holiday, and probably in general, and I would never want to put anyone off trying this drink, which is (as far as I can tell) pretty much unheard of outside Canada. If you like a Bloody Mary, you’ll almost certainly like a Caesar, and you can also have that added buzz of drinking something a bit out of the ordinary. I think that buzz is called ‘smugness’. It makes drinks taste better, I swear. If you’re in Scotland, you can get Clamato juice in Peckham’s (I saw some a few months ago) or everyone can find it on Amazon.

The other unique element of the drink is the spice mix that you use to line the rim of the glass. Some people use salt and pepper, some use the more traditional celery salt, or you can go all out and buy a pre-mixed Caesar Rim – or come up with your own! The one we bought included onion powder, mango powder, nonspecific spices (including red pepper) and a host of preservatives and flavour enhancers. You have options, that’s what I’m saying.

The rest of the ingredients are easy to get, so once you’ve got the Clamato and decided what you’re using to rim the glass, you’re good to go. Here’s what you need for one drink:

  • tall glass
  • a wedge of lime
  • Caesar rim, celery salt or salt and pepper
  • ice
  • 35ml vodka (or less, or none if you want a Virgin Caesar)
  • dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • dash of Tobasco (optional)
  • stick of celery

OK, let us begin with the G man’s masterclass.

Holiday 2013 063

Holiday 2013 066

First, assemble your ingredients. You do not have to do this near a kettle, that’s just how we were rolling that day.

Holiday 2013 067

Holiday 2013 068

Next, tip out some Caesar rim or whatever you’re using onto a small plate.

Holiday 2013 069

Holiday 2013 072

Holiday 2013 071Run your lime wedge around the edge of the glass, then turn the glass upside down onto the plate. Twist the glass around until it picks up a nice even layer round the rim of the glass. Turn it right side up again.

NB – the G man is SO much better than I am at doing this. I’ve tried it a few times and made a big mess and was in fixing it up with a paper towel. His come out perfect, first time, every time. I tried not to be peeved.

Holiday 2013 073

Holiday 2013 074

Next drop in as much ice as you prefer, then follow up by adding the vodka and squeezing the rest of the lime in. You can also drop the squeezed lime wedge in, for extra flavour.

Holiday 2013 075

Realise that you forgot to put the Worcestershire sauce in the first picture! Take a slightly pointless picture of it now.

Holiday 2013 076

Then, add a dash or two to the glass – start with one dash if you’re not sure, you can always add more. You can also add Tabasco at this time, or a smidge of horseradish.

Holiday 2013 078

Holiday 2013 080

Top up with Clamato juice, and finish with the celery.

Holiday 2013 082

There you have it! A classic Caesar, enjoyed by millions of Canadians and a mystery to almost everyone else. It’s a refreshing drink for hot summer days, and if you were feeling a bit 1970s I’m sure you could serve it as a first course at a dinner party, like a boozy gazpacho in a glass.




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2 responses to “Saturday Snapshots: The Caesar

  • movita beaucoup

    I LOVE CAESARS. I most especially like munching on the celery – it’s the only time I actually like celery. (Stupid vegetable – basically tasteless.) And I always use clamato juice. Clam water? YES, PLEASE!!

    • Rock Salt

      Yes, G man was munching through the celery too. Clam water. What even is that? In my DRINK? Noooooooooo. I’ll stick with artificially sweetened, artificially coloured, chock full of preservatives carbonated beverages thanks. Much health…i…er…

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