Crowd Pleasing Cupcakes

These cakes were incredibly popular when I brought them to work to share. We were saying a temporary goodby to a colleague, and I wanted to mark the occasion with something sweet. The last time I did this, with some gluten free mint chocolate cupcakes, it went really well – the positive response this time may have surpassed even these.

There is something about putting chocolates on top of cupcakes that sends people into a sugar crazed spin of delight. The minute the box was opened, it was swarmed by chocolate hungry colleagues, and a great chorus of ‘ooh!’s and ‘aah!’s and even a ‘BEST DAY EVER!’… Though Miss R does say that at any given opportunity, and even some opportunities that are not given but taken.

The cakes themselves were that great stand-by recipe of devil’s food cake, a recipe I found and often go back to at Cake in the Country. The icing was a caramel buttercream – but I’m working on that recipe, so I won’t be sharing it just yet. The caramel flavour was lost in among all the chocolate, so it was a combo of the caramel not being strong enough and pairing it with another flavour that was overbearing. I look forward to getting it right though, it had some extremely good potential. The part that everyone loved, though was the cake topper – I put a brigadeiro on each cake. Brigadeiros are chocolate fudge truffles from Brazil – I’ve mentioned them a couple of times, notably here and here.

They are light but intense, chewy but not stick-in-your-teeth chewy, chocolatey and fudgey, and basically delicious. Almost too good… Almost.

Charlie Cakes 006

I made 24 of the cakes so that everyone would get one – half the brigadeiros were rolled in good quality cocoa powder, and the other half were rolled in crushed up chocolate spaghetti. I couldn’t find any vermicelli, but the spaghetti did the trick just fine.

Charlie Cakes 004

Then, the fun part – one of my chums and I scuttled off down the office, cupcakes and camera in hand, to try and find the best light to take a photo of them. The end result makes me think of those posed photographs you have taken when you’re a child, with all soft lighting and a photographer tweaking your nose and such. Every time I look at this photo it makes me giggle.

Charlie Cakes 011

I have also constructed a story where they are siblings in the middle of a big argument about who gets to go closest to the camera. I suppose you have to make your own amusement in life, don’t you?

In the end, I didn’t get that ‘perfect photo’ – but take my word for it, the cakes were snapped up in no time. People love it when you put chocolates on a cake. Fact.


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