A Trip Around the Garden

Today I spent a lovely afternoon at Mother and Father Rock Salt’s house, for most of which we sat out in the garden, enjoying the unusually bright and cheery sun and shifting chairs a lot to make sure we didn’t get sunburned despite our factor 30 sunscreen.


We are Scottish. Our natural skin tone is closer to blue than anything – we need to watch out lest it turn to scarlet while we’re not looking.


While we were out there, I took a few snaps – this post is therefore completely off-theme for Rock Salt, and contains very little by way of words, but I thought it’d be a nice wee day trip for us all, out of the kitchen and into the garden.


The idea is very much inspired by Celi at The Kitchen’s Garden – if you’ve never visited, please do. Her blog is so beautiful, and full of warmth and love as well as stunning photographs.


2013-06-09 15.25.05



This photo shows the new fruit trees, which are starting to grow taller by the day, apparently!



2013-06-09 15.25.38


These are strawberry plants, just flowering and getting ready to produce some lovely fruit.


2013-06-09 15.25.48


2013-06-09 15.26.02


Heh… A surprise face in among the plants!


2013-06-09 15.26.38


2013-06-09 15.26.53


Looking through the branches of the apple tree. I used to climb this tree when I was little.


2013-06-09 15.27.25


2013-06-09 15.27.36


Pretty water feature – commonly used as a bird bath despite the sneaky cat and disapproving owl…


2013-06-09 15.27.56

There is a frog in there! Can you spot him?


2013-06-09 15.28.41

2013-06-09 15.29.39


2013-06-09 15.30.20


This is a baby cucumber plant, just starting to sprout proper vine leaves.


2013-06-09 18.21.27


2013-06-09 18.30.18


2013-06-09 18.36.17


2013-06-09 18.36.25



2013-06-09 15.23.12


Love how shy the scarecrow looks.


2013-06-09 15.23.49

Just one turtle giving another turtle a piggyback. No biggie.


I saved my favourite one until last:


2013-06-09 15.29.14


I just love these wee flowers – I think they are forget me nots? They are just so pretty, and the colours are super cheerful. Plus, I was really pleased with how the photo turned out – I took all of these with my phone, so it’s harder to get a nice shot. I like that the sun is shining a spotlight on them for us, too.


This was a great day – I hope you enjoyed the wander off the beaten track.


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10 responses to “A Trip Around the Garden

  • nicdempsey

    I’m not quite sure how it turned out that you guys in the Frozen Wastelands of the North got sunshine while down in the girly South we got rain all weekend! Someone has got to have a word with the weather! The garden looks great and I sympathise with the natural blue skintone..one day my freckles are going to join up and I’ll have a lovely tan, until that day my bare legs in the sunshine are going blind unsuspecting passers-by!

    • Rock Salt

      Haha – now and again it’s not so grim up North! My legs are so resistant to tanning it’s not even funny – but you know, I’ve come to terms with it. Mostly…

  • Joan

    Nice use of ‘lest’ in there. Also loving the forget me not pics, most reminiscent of my last garden posting! :o)

  • miriam

    Hi Rock Salt, Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Did I spot wild garlic in amongst them? My friend gave me lots of wild garlic from his garden and now I’ve lots of pesto made from it in containers to be used throughout the year in the freezer… Let’s hope the pleasant weather stays with us a while longer!

    • Rock Salt

      Hey Miriam! No, they don’t grow (or have) wild garlic, though I’ve seen some in the park that I’m considering foraging some of… Pesto sounds a great use for it.

  • movita beaucoup

    My Irish/British heritage means that I can LOOK at the sun, but never allow it to touch me. I am the fairest in this land. I’m Glow White. (See what I did there? Glow White? Like SNOW White?) On the plus side, ships can use my radiance to guide them through the ocean passages here.

    Lovely photos – amazing what you can do with a phone camera and some artistry!

    • Rock Salt

      I’ve just come back from three weeks in Canada, where the sun was happening, and I look a little like someone’s been dabbing at me with a used, used again and wrung-out teabag. This, for me, is a tan. And of course I did go through the necessary red and blotchy phase first, which is always attractive.

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos – I was really pleased with them, turns out my phone isn’t all bad for photography ater all.

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