My 30th Birthday in Photos

My birthday, having lasted more than two weeks, is now definitely over.

Except for the fact that I’ve decided as long as the helium balloon is still up, it’s still my birthday. This decision has met with mixed reactions.

The sensible part of me knows, however, that it is time to look forward to all the other incredibly exciting things that are happening this year. My 30th was just one of a host of great events that are happening in 2013. I just have this feeling that this whole year will be one I look back on fondly.

As famous last words go, these could be an absolute belter…

My birthday began the weekend before the day itself, with an impromptu trip to Nardini’s for ice cream sundaes.

2013-05-11 14.25.38

Nardini’s is an institution in Scotland – until recently, they only had shops in the town of Largs, a popular place for a wee day trip to the sea. You go to Largs, take a walk along the front (in often ‘bracing’ weather), maybe play in the amusements for a while (read: spend a week’s wages on the penny falls) then go to Nardini’s for a knickerbocker glory. That’s just how it’s done. Breaking with tradition, though, one opened in Glasgow last year and this was the first time I’d checked it out. It was awesome. Massive ice cream sundaes FTW!

2013-05-11 14.25.54

Shame about the view.

I always try to take my birthday off work, so this meant my colleagues had to surprise me a day early with presents and cake! Those sneaks…

The G man came round to take us climbing on the day itself, and arrived bearing gifts.

The two books were from his mum, and the gin and cake were from the G man himself. And did you see the card? He drew the card. D’you know what else he drew?


My Birthday 012

My Birthday 014

My Birthday 013

How awesome? My own custom Calvin and Hobbes sneakers. I can barely deal with how awesome they are and will be wearing them only on safe occasions.

The rest of the day was whiled away at my parents’ house, and both siblings took time off work to join in – what a lovely day. Here are a few highlights:

There was champagne, there was bourbon, there were streamers and banners and a furious meercat holding a balloon. There was a big sandwich, and a Chinese takeaway. There was ‘one last tune’ (which was nineteen minutes long quiiiiite by accident…).

I spent the next two days in blissful hibernation, eating more sandwiches and a bit of sushi.

Then, the weekend arrived, and there was a party, and I wore a DRESS and my other new shoes, which are the 14-hold Doc Martens I’ve wanted since I was about 14 years old, plus they have roses embroidered in them. I can kick in some doors, but in an elegant way, you know? My aforementioned lovely colleagues clubbed in to give me Amazon vouchers, which paid for them.

It still wasn’t over! My girls threw me a party, too, with more cake and more drinks and more tunes – showtunes this time – and hunners of presents.

All in all, as you can tell, I had the most wonderful birthday! Turning 30 was pretty great.

I might do it again next year.


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