Foodie Penpals May 2013

Isn’t it incredible how quickly the days fly past? Some of them seem to last an age (those ones where the 3pm slump would more accurately be described as the 10am to 5pm slump), but the next thing you know, you look back and you’ve been running Euro Foodie Penpals for over a year (you may have your own landmark you wish to replace that with…). It’s time now for another blog post about my latest beautiful parcel, seemingly right on the heels of my *last* blog post about my latest beautiful parcel. Again, I’ve committed to writing a proper post about it – the months where I had only time to copy my thank you email into a blog post full of photos left me feeling that I absolutely hadn’t done them justice. When people take so much time and effort to put together a gift for me, it seems wrong not to put time and effort into showcasing that gift.

Sometimes I write stuff that just sounds appallingly stilted and sanctimonious. I think that was one of those times. Let’s press on.

My parcel this month came from Susan, who lives right down the bottom of the country – I do sometimes like to think of all the FPP parcels whizzing around the UK, and to other countries, crossing lots of distance to get to their recipients. She sent me a parcel containing some of her favourite local produce, all beautifully wrapped up in lilac tissue paper with the sweetest ladybird pegs holding it all together:

FPP May 001

FPP May 002

They had me smiling before I even opened the parcel. Just look at their wee helpful faces!

FPP May 005

This was the sight that greeted me when I gently unwrapped the tissue paper. The whole parcel had a marvellous soothing effect on me – I actually waited a day to open it, after it was delivered, so that I would have the time to pore over it and photograph it properly. I was so glad that I did, because it meant I could really marvel over everything, take the time to have a good look and a sniff of the contents. The co-ordinated colours really worked wonders on me. What a pretty parcel.

FPP May 008

The first thing I saw, after the beautiful postcard, was the handmade vanilla fudge. Susan’s note explains that most of the produce comes from her favourite local farm shop, in Kent. The fudge has a lovely firm, smooth texture and is packed with real vanilla flavour – not over-sweet, not cloying, just right. I have restricted myself to a couple of squares, at time of writing – it’s a real treat.

FPP May 006

Next I looked at these lavender butter biscuits – a rich lavender flavoured shortbread. These have not fared so well as the fudge – they are mostly gone, but a couple remain! I’m really into lavender at the minute, so they were a perfect inclusion. You can find out all the other treats from the Daizylake range by having a peek here. Comfort and cake – they’ve got that right. These biscuits are buttery, the right amount of crumbly and have a low-level lavender flavour that I thought was delightful.

FPP May 012

Now, how did Susan know that apple is my favourite fruit juice? I mean, orange juice has its place, of course, and cranberry is one heck of a mixer, but for me you just can’t beat a cold glass of apple juice, unless it’s with a second glass immediately afterwards. This is in my fridge, waiting for the ideal blissful moment to be cracked open.

FPP May 013

Susan also included a favourite recipe of hers, for Welsh cakes. I’ve never had a Welsh cake, but she says they are a great treat with jam or honey – I quite like the suggestion in the recipe for making them into savoury leek and cheese cakes, too. It’s always good to have new recipe ideas, especially for traditional foods of different countries.

FPP May 014

FPP May 015

Also included were three special teabags – some of those fancy mesh pyramid numbers. One is mint, another mint and lavender and the third – I’m not sure. Mystery tea. Mystertea. They all smell very fresh and I look forward especially to trying the mint and lavender – I might put together some of my own, if I like it!

FPP May 010

I’ve saved the item I’m most excited about till last. This is honey from Susan’s brother’s very own bees! Isn’t that cool? I couldn’t resist a sneaky taste straight from the jar. This honey is very light and runny, and so incredibly sweet without being at all heavy. It’s great, definitely one of the best honeys I’ve tried, and I have to think of something to do it justice. Perhaps I’ll just whip up a batch of honey Welsh cakes? Hmm…

Susan, thank you again for such a great parcel, I really loved it.

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