Mothers Day High Tea 2013 (and Devilled Quails Eggs)

Before I give anyone in the UK a panic attack, this post is late, late, LATE. To those in the US, it is just in time. Everyone else, I have no idea…

I hereby sentence myself to five hundred lines for blogging lateness. Except they’ll have to wait until I’ve written all the other stuff I’ve got lined up, and the delay caused by this will probably incur a further set of lines, which will have to wait… Hm. Perhaps I will be lenient with myself instead.

Anyway, Mothers Day here in the UK (and possibly in other countries) is in March. In our family, we have started a tradition of having a special afternoon or high tea to celebrate – you can see 2011’s here and here and 2012’s here.

I still don’t know where to put the apostrophe. IT’S A DAY OF MOTHERS, OK?

Here is a picture of our table from this year:

Mothers Day High Tea 023

We got out the special china again, and proper cloth napkins, and we feasted.

Now, last year I made a big fuss of the devilled eggs, and said I was going to make them loads and bring them back and eat them all the time. This didn’t happen. I didn’t make one single devilled egg until it was time for the next high tea, a year later. I decided to make them a wee bit different, though, and try quails eggs (no apostrophe here, either).

Quails eggs are delicious – I want to get that straight right now. If you get the chance to try them, definitely go for it. I can take or leave a duck egg, but these little blighters are on another level. They are also a bit more work, being smaller and fiddlier (not in the musical sense), but worth it.

Devilled Quails Eggs 009

Even though that picture is too dark, I really like it. Something about looking at all those freshly-peeled eggs was very satisfying. I tried lightening it and it lost some of its personality. Quails eggs have personality, people. You heard it here first.

Also, the shells are a beautiful colour inside, a really pretty pale blue. I have almost convinced myself that the eggs themselves have a hint, just a tinge, of this blue about them, too. Really, it is lovely to look at.

I used the same recipe to make the devilled quails eggs as I did with the normal eggs last year – mustard, vinegar, minced spring onion, mayonnaise, salt and pepper combine with the egg yolks to make a creamy, savoury, tart filling the you can then pipe back into the hollowed out egg white. Then you sprinkle a bit of paprika over the top – retro is in, you know.

Here they are in their finished form:

Mothers Day High Tea 011Yes, it is more work to make devilled quails eggs, but they were perfect picnic-style food, and tasted perhaps even better than normal devilled eggs.

There was a whole host of other food on offer, of course. Here’s a wee peek at all the different items on the table:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Miss J (that’s my sister) and I made all the bits and pieces between us – she was responsible for the cream cheese and fruit parcels, which were like superior mince pies, the bagels and the scones – we served the scones with butter, jam and clotted cream, of course. I pitched in with the eggs, heart-shaped mini sponges, caprese skewers with added salami and fairy cakes. It was nice to make a fairy cake instead of a cupcake, for a change, and I loved the little sugar diamonds and pearls! I thought they were suitably pretty for a mum who likes bling and sparkles.

All in all, we had another lovely day, and drank fizzy wine from the china cups, with cocktail umbrellas because I’m really into cocktail umbrellas at the minute. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Love you, mum!


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5 responses to “Mothers Day High Tea 2013 (and Devilled Quails Eggs)

  • Dana Staves

    I’ve never had a quail egg, but now I really want one! Making deviled eggs is usually my job when I’m at my mom’s for holidays, and it never occurred to me to pipe the filling into the eggs. Genius. What a lovely spread! Great post!

  • Katherine {eggton}

    I need a quail egg hook-up here–someone I can call up when I want to place a quail egg order, someone who will meet me in an abandoned parking lot at any hour of the night for a quail egg drop-off. I haven’t seen them at the grocery stores or THE MARKET OF FARMERS ( to borrow your grammar, which is very handy) so they are probably rarer than meth (Alabama is a meth capital of the world. We also we have a high density of men with mustaches.)

    Happy belated Day Of Mothers to your mom!

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