Review: Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

Just so that you know, this is a review of a product of which I was sent a free sample. The opinions in the post are, as ever, mine, and the review is honest. Please note my Patrick Stewart-worthy sentence arrangement in the first line there.

You did read that right – this is a post about an Easter egg.

Hotel Chocolat contacted me to ask if I’d like to try one of their luxury Easter eggs. Of course, I said yes, but through one thing and another I didn’t get the egg until a week after the event, and I haven’t had a moment to blog about it until now!

They sent me their Milk Beastie egg – a designer, milk chocolate egg with three praline and three salted caramel chocolates on the side. Very generous, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Easter Egg 008

My favourite thing about this product is the way it looks – it’s very stylish, with a great deal of beautiful detail. This was immediately obvious from the egg itself, with its zebra stripes, but the little chocolates also have design features hidden under the foil wrappers.

The egg itself is made from a creamy milk chocolate – the first thing my fellow testers and I noticed was that the chocolate was very melty. If, like Miss R, you like to dip your chocolate in your tea (still not sure if she was serious about that), this isn’t the product for you. You will make a big mess and there will be chocolate everywhere, mostly in your tea. If, however, you are happy not to introduce your Easter eggs to any hot beverages, or like to keep your chocolate in the fridge, have at it.

The flavour of the egg was nice but, I have to admit, not tastebud-blowing, for me. I suspect this is because of the higher cocoa content in Hotel Chocolat’s milk chocolate – more cocoa, less sugar is their mission. Despite many attempts to ‘civilise’ me, I’ve always been a fan of sweet chocolate, and this egg delivers something a little different.

The chocolates that came with the egg were more to my taste – I did have one of each before offering the others up to colleagues, in a gesture of charity and goodwill appropriate to the season. The salted caramel was very sweet with a rich and thick caramel, which swirled up beautifully without overflowing as I took a bite. Another personal note: I’d have liked more of a spike of salt in the caramel, because I’m a big fan of the sweet/salt combination, but I know that not everyone is.

The praline was my favourite part of the egg – I’ve always loved praline, and this one was a velvety smooth example of the genre. It was the right level of sweet, and not overwhelmingly nutty. It also had a purple bit on the top, which ticked a box for me straight away. I like purple. Purple’s my favourite.

In short, Hotel Chocolat produce chocolate with a distinct flavour, which I think is great – if you like Hotel Chocolat chocolate, you probably won’t want to go back to your generic brand now that you’ve discovered it. I also appreciate the ethics behind the chocolate, more of which can be discovered on their website. More than the flavour of the product, though, it is stylish, taking cues from fashion trends and a desire to be unique in the market. This is what really sets it apart from your more ‘normal’ chocolate, and what makes it a fun treat for yourself, or an interesting gift for someone lucky.

Easter Egg 012

Thank you to Hotel Chocolat for inviting me to try their product – remember that they produce chocolate all year round, for your delectation!


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