Foodie Penpals March 2013

Once again, I cannot write a post that will do justice to the wonderful parcel I got this month, from Selina at Thrift Street Life. It was full of delicious treats – only one survives unopened today, and I plan to change that over the weekend!

I am going to do the same as last month and paste my thank you email in, and let you see all the photos I took. Selina, I’m truly sorry I can’t pull together a longer post right now!

FPP March 006

FPP March 005

FPP March 004

FPP March 003

FPP March 002

FPP March 008

FPP March 001

Selina! Thank you so much for my parcel – no sooner had you emailed to say it was on its way than it arrived. I’m sorry I didn’t email straight away, what a week I’m having. My emails are definitely suffering. (I’m still using the same excuse – my blog is suffering equally!)

I saved it all day yesterday and only opened it when I got home, and then was extraordinarily restrained and didn’t eat it all immediately – waiting until I can take some photos, which means cleaning a space in the kitchen, and so on…

I love the bunny lollipop, it really made me laugh, and the popcorn sounds divine. Actually everything sounds great – I haven’t tried the blueberry chocolate before so that will be a real treat for me, and I’ve been on the fence about trying bacon jam for absolutely ages, so this is the perfect thing to receive in a parcel. Your wee card was so sweet, too!

Thank you again, it’s a great parcel and I can’t wait to get stuck in, and to share with everyone at the end of the month.

I forgot, in my email, to mention the recipe card – how good does chocolate banana fudge pie sound?! Selina, truly, thank you so much for everything, it was all fabulous.

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