Review: The Brownie Post

Just so that you know, this is a review of a product of which I was sent a free sample. The opinions in the post are, as ever, mine, and the review is honest. Please note my Patrick Stewart-worthy sentence arrangement in the first line there.


Anna from The Brownie Post got in touch with me recently, to ask if I’d like to try out their lovely brownies by post service. Do you think, from all that you know of me, that I had to think twice about this offer? I certainly did not. Even though her email got lost in among a hundred emails about other things, and so I was extraordinarily late in replying (a week, to be exact), Anna still cheerfully parcelled up some home baked delights and sent them my way.

I describe them as home baked – this is exactly the vibe of The Brownie Post. It’s like getting a care parcel from a favourite aunt, a little hug in a box. A chocolatey, chocolatey hug. I asked to try the gooey double chocolate brownies, you see, and I can confirm that ‘gooey double chocolate brownies’ is not just a clever name. They are soft and fudgey inside, dense and rich and sweet and packed with actual chocolate chunks, as well as the lashings of cocoa throughout. You’ll see from my photos that the ingredients list is pretty reassuring – all things that you’d put into your own brownies, at home, but without any of the dishes to wash afterwards. It’s a win-win situation – and who doesn’t like getting a parcel in the post?

The brownies are available in lots of different flavours (hellloooooooo pecan and bourbon, sour cherry or gooey double choc banana), and with or without gluten so that nobody has to feel left out. They cost just under £13 for a box of six, and this price includes first class post. That’s just over £2 a brownie.

I can recommend The Brownie Post without reservation. I thoroughly enjoyed the brownies, the contact I’ve had with Anna has been friendly and warm while still being professional, and the presentation of the brownies is gorgeous. You can also include a  special note to the recipient of the parcel; to quote from TBP website:

If you’re sending the brownies as a gift, not only do they look great, you can also add a short personalized message to the lucky recipient! And if they’re just for you, why not write yourself a wee message saying how brilliant you are!

I think this is a splendid idea. Go ahead and buy yourself a treat today.


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