Foodie Penpals for Charity

Hello all – it is me, writing in the present tense and not reposting! A miracle! However, you won’t have the dubious pleasure of my words very much today, either. Today is Foodie Penpals reveal day, and as such a good day to draw attention to something that Lindsay, the original Foodie Penpals creator, is organising. Instead of sending each other parcels next month – December, that is – Lindsay is encouraging us all to contribute whatever we would usually spend to charity; specifically to a charity that will support victims of Hurricane Sandy. This is open to Foodie Penpals past, present and future, and even those of you who may not join in the scheme but would like to contribute something to this particular charity.


I’ll hand over now to Lindsay herself – all these words can be found on her blog The Lean Green Bean under the Foodie Penpals for Charity tag.


Attention all past, present and future Foodie Penpals. I’m talking to all of you – Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians…We’re changing things up for Foodie Penpals December!


FPP sandy FPP for Charity


Instead of matching people up to send FPP packages in December, we’re going to use this group for good and raise some money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are two ways you can get involved:

1) I will be setting up a paypal account to accept donations. Please consider donating the $15-$25 you would have spent on purchasing items and mailing your FPP package in December. Donations will be accepted from December 3-7th and I will make one big donation to a recovery organization in the name of Foodie Penpals at the end of the week. I’m still researching organizations. Some that I’ve looked at include Brooklyn Recovery Fund and Kids In Distressed Situations.

2) I’m in the process of searching for an organization that will be collecting holiday gifts for the people affected by this storm. With the holidays approaching, if you’re in the mood to shop instead of just donate money, I will try to provide an address that you can mail gifts to and encourage you to spend $15 to purchase some gifts and send them out so they can be distributed to families.

So….this is just to provide the basics. More details will be coming as I figure them out.

I’m going to leave the signup form open for December even though it isn’t a traditional month of FPP. Consider signing up to be your virtual commitment to donate money or items during the week of Dec 3-7th. I’ll be sending emails with information to those who sign up and also posting info on my blog! 

You guys, we have the power to make a huge difference here. Think about it. On average, there are about 1,000 participants per month. If we all donate the $15 we would have spent, that’s $15,000 right there. That’s HUGE. Let’s make a difference!

To recap:

  • Sign up now to commit.

  • Donate Dec 3rd – 7th!

  • Let’s raise $15,000 for Hurricane Sandy victims!


To Signup:



So, that’s really it – we’re sitting out this month for Foodie Penpals, and devoting ourselves to helping others, but normal service will resume in January. If you’re not already a penpal, you can continue to sign up in the usual way. UK and Europe Foodie Penpals, click here for all the info. US and Canada Foodie Penpals, your signup form will become available at The Lean Green Bean from December 18th onwards.
If you are already a Euro penpal, you don’t need to do anything to be signed up for January. If you are a US or Canada penpal, you will sign up again for January (as usual) and your signup page will be available from December 18th.


Thanks all – look forward to seeing more, exciting parcels in the new year!

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