Foodie Penpals September 2012

It is Foodie Penpals reveal day! It’s a late one this time, I hope that sufficient suspense has been built as you waited to see what was in my box of tricks this month. The wait is finally over. My parcel for September came from Carly, who has a rather lovely blog over at CARLYwrites. She sent me a beautiful parcel, with each item labelled individually – she obviously took loads of time over it, it was really thoughtful and I felt very special opening it all up like a big birthday present. Thank you again Carly, all your time and effort is very appreciated.

Here are the contents of my parcel. There were two envelopes, as you can see. One was a letter about the contents of my parcel, and the second was information about one of the items in particular: the jar of barberries. Barberries are used in Persian cuisine, and taste kind of like citrussy cranberries. It was great to get a wee fact sheet to bring me up to speed on this unusual (at least to me) ingredient, that was a really nice addition to the parcel. Here’s a closer look at the barberries:

I think I might try these in a rice pudding with the black rice I bought in Whole Foods. Black and red is a classic colour combination, just ask anyone from the eighties. The jar they came in is adorable too!

Speaking of adorable, check this guy out:


The next item in my parcel was a pack of three sugar mice from Hope and Greenwood. So far they’ve been too cute for me to eat but I’m afraid that this will not last much longer…

Something that lasted more or less no time at all were the chocolate and black pepper cookies that were in that sweet kiwi fruit tin in the first picture. Carly made these for me and they were the best cookies I’ve had in a long time. The pepper flavour is subtle but tingly, the chocolate is just the right amount of rich and the brown sugar round the edges gives you a very satisfying crunch as you munch your way through them. As someone who has never been very good at baking biscuits, I really appreciate a good homemade cookie when I find one, and these were outstanding. You can find the recipe on Carly’s blog.

There was another homemade item in my parcel, which was a jar of Asian Chilli Jam. Funnily enough, I sent something similar in my parcel this month – the Foodie Penpals psychic link strikes again. The jam is somewhere between sweet and savoury, kind of like a really good chutney, with a lovely spicy kick to it. We ate it with the final item from my parcel, gorgeous, crunchy spelt biscuits, and a lot of cheese. A very indulgent and somewhat addictive Saturday night snack. The jam is really spot on – the link above takes you to the recipe if you fancy trying it out.

Look at the beautiful labels on everything!

September’s parcel was a triumph, full of such high quality snacks. I’d asked for things that were ready to eat, this month, as I’m reaching critical mass with my kitchen cupboards and can’t really fit any more ingredients in them without a major clear out. Naturally, I’m putting the clear out off for as long as possible, and with distracting parcels like this in the post it looks like that could be a long while…
Thank you again to Carly, you really spoiled me with this great parcel. I sent a parcel to Stacey this month, and you can read about it on her blog Nobody Said it was Easy. To see even more reveal posts from both Europe, the US and Canada, check out the big linkup post.

If you want to know more about Foodie Penpals, and maybe even join in next month, we’d love to have you! If you are in the UK or Europe, you can go here to get the details. If you’re in the US or Canada, head over to The Lean Green Bean.


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