A Thank You to Tunnock’s

You may remember the birthday cake I made for my dad’s birthday at the end of July. It was Tunnock’s themed, inspired by their Caramel Log, Caramel Wafer and Tunnock’s Teacake, and I was really proud of it. You can read the whole post here.

After I published that blog post, I went to the Tunnock’s website to see if I could get in touch with them to tell them about it. Their site seems to be somewhat under construction, but they have a section called ‘Share Stories’ – I thought maybe they would share mine, and I filled out the contact form complete with a link to my blog post. I promptly forgot about it, as one does about these things.

A couple of weeks later, a parcel arrived at my desk. It had a Tunnock’s stamp on it – ‘oh yeah!’, I thought. ‘I wrote to them!’. I thought that they had sent me some Teacakes or biscuits, so I was pretty excited to open it up. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find a load of foam pellets, surrounding a little blue box instead. Mystery upon mystery. There was a letter accompanying the parcel, and I opened it up.



I couldn’t believe what I was reading – all I’d wanted was to share the story about the cake with other Tunnock’s enthusiasts, and instead the company had sent my dad a gift! This was better than some free biscuits. I opened the blue box, then, to find this beauty:



I tucked some blue tissue in there to show off the engraving better. Isn’t this a great gift? A wonderful wee keepsake, indeed.


My dad and I would both like to say a most sincere thank you to Fergus at Tunnock’s, and congratulate him on showing everyone how to do PR like a boss. This was an absolutely delightful thing to do, completely unexpected and extraordinarily generous. We will continue to enjoy Tunnock’s products and also to tell The Story of the Crystal Glass to anyone who will listen. Thank you. A million times, thank you.




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