Review: Healthspan Energex Plus Tablets

Just so that you know, this is a review of a product of which I was sent a free sample. The opinions in the post are, as ever, mine, and the review is honest. Please note my Patrick Stewart-worthy sentence arrangement in the first line there.


I was asked if I’d like to review a vitamin supplement. I thought ‘Yes, this would be an ideal time to really get to the root of whether or not vitamins make me feel better, brighter, more alive, more vibrant’. I might not have thought all those words but, you know, that was the general gist. Anyway, my sample tablets from Healthspan turned up soon thereafter and I realised that, rather than a supplement to take every day, these are an energy boost tablet, to take now and again when you need a bit of an oomph.



I was initially a bit unsure as I read through the ingredients. I’m a novice in the world of supplements and vitamins, and the list at first seemed a bit intimidating. Guarana Extract, Maltodextrin, L-Tyrosine, Taurine, Croscarmellose Sodium… Whaaaa…?  Anyway, I looked into it a bit more, and read over Healthspan’s product page and realised that taking one or two of these wasn’t going to send me leaping up on the table, heart beating like a moth at a windowpane, waving glowsticks and blowing a whistle. Instead, they’re designed to give you a bit of a boost on the occasions that you need it, using only natural ingredients.

(As I often point out, lots of things are natural. Wasps are natural. Lard is natural. Cocaine is natural. However, having studied the ingredient list I feel like ‘natural’ in this context is a good thing).

The pills themselves are a bit frightening to look at, they’re pretty giant and very green. Check it:



They are cellulose coated though, so they are easy to swallow and don’t taste as green as they look. In fact, they don’t taste of anything at all. The packaging is high quality and even comes in handy detachable strips, so you can put a strip in your bag or keep some at work and some at home, whatever you think will work.

So, I waited for a day when I was feeling a bit tired, a bit ‘meh’ and a bit lacklustre. Sad to say, this day came around without too much delay. I had a 3pm moment at work – you may be familiar with that moment. It’s when your lunch is well and truly digested, your blood sugar is in a bit of a slump, and it’s still a long road to home time. 3pm – the dozing hour. So, I took one of my Energex Plus pills to see what would happen. Then I almost immediately got a big job to do that was going to require a lot of focus. Not a bad situation in which to test the quality of a ‘pick me up’ pill, I daresay.

I found, that afternoon, that I was able to focus on a long, drawn out and fiddly task with consistency and even enthusiasm. I was in the zone, but I didn’t feel hyper-focused or twitchy or anything else that you might associate with a high caffeine/ginseng/taurine intake. I felt good, in fact, though I didn’t feel a dramatic energy boost, more an enhanced ability to get on with what needed done and sidestep the mid-afternoon snooziness.

I took the pills on another couple of occasions, to get a proper feel for them. The times when I had something to do that I needed a little extra boost to get started with, something that involved me physically getting up and out of my chair, I found the pills to be a help. The times when I simply felt tired and wanted a boost to get me through an afternoon at my desk, I didn’t find them to make a difference. I think you have to meet them halfway rather than expecting them to do all the work and revolutionise your afternoon (or any other time of day).

In summary, my assessment is that if you are going to be up and at ’em (whatever ’em is on that particular occasion), taking one or two of these will add a bit of spring to your step, or a bit of concentration to your cranium. However, don’t take them expecting to suddenly feel like leaping out of your chair and dancing a jig. They don’t really work that way.
I feel obliged to add that this wasn’t in any way a scientific trial, and I’m presenting my own opinion and not a measurable, factual response to these tablets.

Healthspan Energex Plus tablets are available in a pack of 60, for £8.95 on the Healthspan website.



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9 responses to “Review: Healthspan Energex Plus Tablets

  • thekalechronicles

    “Wasps are natural. Lard is natural. Cocaine is natural.” Yes! And these pills are unnatural, aka man-made.

    • Rock Salt

      I think that saying man-made is the same as unnatural, where unnatural is a bad thing, is pretty harsh. Houses and aeroplanes are man-made, but I like living indoors and going on foreign holidays, you know? Yes, I like the idea of having energy from unprocessed foods (or from a good night’s sleep, or from a yoga position, or from a positive mental attitude) but I don’t object to a product that can offer an occasional sharpening of the wits when needed. I do think that it’s important to analyse use of the word ‘natural’, but in this case I am comfortable with their use of the word, which is used to refer to the ingredients rather than the actual pill. Like so many things, they do not grow on trees, but some of the stuff in them does.

  • Misky

    This is really interesting. I buy all of my vitamins from Healthspan at a fraction of the price that Boot’s ask for, and I’m glad to hear that you found their products good. I think they’re a brilliant company, who try to keep prices low but supply good-quality products.

    • Rock Salt

      How did I miss this comment?! Sorry for the delay! It’s good to know that there’s a reliable alternative to Boots or Holland and Barrett for vitamins and supplements, should you choose to take them.

  • wendy@chezchloe

    Guarana and yerba mate can send me through the roof. They may come from nature but not in the doses of a little green pill. I think they have their place but shouldn’t be popped just cause they are “natural”. But hey… you got them free right? cheers.

    • Rock Salt

      It’s funny how people react so differently – a friend of mine also can’t take guarana for similar reasons. I guess body chemistry has a lot to do with it? Or would it be metabolism? .

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