The Year of Bread Part Nineteen: Quick Hot Dog Buns

This recipe comes together in under an hour, and you end up with an excellent vehicle for your hot dogs or burgers, depending what shape you make them. You can find the recipe here at Taste of Home. I can’t honestly say they’re the best rolls I’ve made so far, but for how quickly they come together they’re perfect for a weeknight bread making endeavour.

The recipe starts off a bit different from ones I’ve tried before – you mix the yeast with water, sugar and oil and leave to prove. This results in a funny looking mix as the yeast bubbles up through the oil:



I feel like there’s a face in there somewhere.

When the yeast is proved like this, you add an egg and flour, to make a soft dough. There’s not much kneading then, just a few minutes, and you divide the dough straight away. I halved the recipe and made six rolls. At first, I though they were definitely going to be too small. I trusted in the recipe though – sometimes that’s just what you have to do. There might be a life moral to be found in that.



I rolled the dough so that it was long enough for the jumbo hot dogs I had, and hoped that they would fill out as they rested, or in the oven. You don’t rise this dough as such, just let it sit for 10 minutes. Mine ended up sitting for a little longer, maybe 20 minutes or so, and after this time they had grown encouragingly.



The rolls then bake for only about ten minutes, and come out lovely and brown on the outside but soft in the middle. They have good oven spring – a term I’ve read lots during this Year of Bread and so rarely seen in my own kitchen. It’s satisfying to see what starts as a skinny log of dough become a full, rounded bread roll.



Another time I’d watch them a bit more closely and try to get less colour on them. The crust is crisp but thin, as you’d want in a hot dog or burger bun. You could give them a bit of egg wash and sesame or poppy seeds over them, if you fancied it, and possibly start getting a bit interesting by adding more ingredients to the dough itself. At any rate, this is a good basic bread recipe that comes together quickly when you’re in a hurry, and if you follow the recipe you’ll have great hot dog rolls in no time.


Fully loaded…


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