Sesame Salted Broad Beans

This is a very quick, very simple post about a great snack you can throw together when the need arises. The need arose for me recently when I was suffering something of a hangover and craving edamame beans from a Japanese restaurant, but lacking the life skills to go out to a Japanese restaurant and order some.

I remembered that I had frozen broad beans – which are also known as fava beans to some of you – and I reasoned that they were kind of like a big edamame bean, right? You might also know edamame as soy beans. This post is already a lot more confusing than I thought it would be. When you get edamame in a Japanese restaurant, they come in the pod and covered in salt and sometimes other seasonings. You sort of pop the beans out of the pod with your teeth, while at the same time collecting all the salt  from the outside, and then the pods go in a big pile of destruction to one side.

To recreate this, I heated the broad beans in the microwave for about a minute and a half, until they were hot throughout. I drained them, then shook over a little sesame oil – a little goes a long way – and approximately one metric ton of sea salt. I was in the mood for salty food.



I also made miso soup, which you can see alongside the sesame-salt broad beans in the photo above. The miso was pretty simple too. Miso paste, light soy, spring onions, garlic, ginger powder and cubes of tofu were added to a pot with boiling water, and left to simmer while I had a curative shower. When I was ready to eat, I added a little fresh spring onion and some shredded seaweed. Done.

I really wanted a plate of sushi and probably some gyoza or tempura to meet the ‘deep fried’ food group requirement, but those were either going to involve a lot of effort and/or a trip to the shops, and I couldn’t face it. The soup and beans set me up pretty nicely for the rest of the day without any additional input, and I felt like I’d dealt with my hangover in a moderately healthy way.

Apart from the metric ton of salt, that is.



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