Foodie Penpals May 2012

Time for another Foodie Penpals reveal! This month I was really lucky, and was matched with Jessi who lives in the Netherlands. Jessi prepared a really special parcel for me, featuring a mix of Dutch treats and more globally recognisable things!

The first thing I had a look at were two packets of spice mix, one specifically for salmon and one for general use. Part of the fun in opening this parcel was trying to pronounce and translate the Dutch writing on everything, that kept us quite amused at work – perhaps for a little too long…

Jessi had also written little notes on everything to tell me what it all was, which I thought made the parcel even more special. It was obvious that she’d put a lot of thought into everything, and I must thank her again for it.


The next thing was a box of Pannenoeken, which is pancake mix to you and me. Looking forward to trying these with some bacon and maple syrup, or a nice thick layer of jam.

After the Pannenkoeken, I took out two packets of Dutch cookies – one is stroopwafel, which my colleague immediately recognised as a favourite treat of hers from times she’d been on holiday to the Netherlands. Needless to say I subtly put these just out of her reach. The other packet is a mix of cookies, which Jessi and I are going to both try so we can compare notes! I’ve opened the stroopwafel and had two in a row, before dinner – very bad, but they really are a delicious snack, two crisp and sweet waffle patterned biscuits held together with caramel in the middle.Just as good as they sound.

Another thing I loved about these cookies was the packaging – so kitsch and quaintly Dutch!

For me, the piece de resistance of the parcel was the next item – and it was such a stand out because I never, ever expected to see it:


A bottle of wine in the post! This was a great surprise, and I’m so pleased that it made it safely in the airmail. Slightly amazed too, in truth… I have plans to make this delicious wine into a fruity, refreshing sangria. On the same day as I received my penpal parcel, I got a recipe book in the post that I won in a competition months ago – it’s a Spanish cookbook. I feel like the universe was telling me to make sangria.

As well as all these lovely things, Jessi put in some things of her own that she said were languishing in her cupboard. All I can say is that I’m delighted to re-home them and will try to put them to good use. They were a really good quality heart shaped cookie cutter, two packets of pretty cupcake cases and a weird (I hope Jessi will forgive me for describing it that way) jelly mould, that you can use to make egg shaped jelly. While it is a slightly odd idea, I can see me using in future kitchen experiments where I want to make something egg shaped – not necessarily just jelly. It comes with instructions for making clear jelly and creamy jelly. Again, the word ‘weird’ wants to escape my keyboard, but so do the words ‘interesting’ and ‘fun’, and overall the word ‘generous’ as Jessi went above and beyond to send me a great parcel.



If you would like to be part of Foodie Penpals, you can see all the details at How it Works, then if you’d like to join in, read the Terms and Conditions – you can sign up from the bottom of the T&Cs page! It’s a lovely community based around thoughtful parcels and getting to know new bloggers within the UK and Europe.You don’t have to be a blogger to join in, everyone with an interest in food is more than welcome. Who knows, next month it could be you getting a bottle of wine delivered to your desk…

To see all the blog posts from this month, visit The Lean Green Bean where you’ll find a linky post featuring enough Foodie Penpals posts from the UK, Europe, Canada and the US to keep you going for quite some time.


A final close up on those cute cupcake cases – it’s a wee rabbit!



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