Foodie Penpals May 2012 – Hannah’s Parcel

This post was written by Hannah, the Foodie Penpal I was posting to this month. She has written some very kind words! Her whole post made me blush deeply, but I have left it as written and modesty be damned. The photos are my own, taken before I parcelled it all up and sent it on its way. You can find Hannah on Twitter – @hansyquirk.

This was my second month of Foodie Penpals and after the first fantastic parcel I received I was so excited to do it all again. The person I had been paired with this month was This Is Rock Salt aka Carol Anne, the fabulous lady responsible for Foodie Penpals in the UK.

After letting Carol Anne know my likes (everything) and dislikes (erm… nothing) I was luckily not left with too long to wait to see the foodie delights that would be sent to me and knowing how passionate Carol Anne is about Foodie Penpals and about food in general I knew that I would be in for a treat and I wasn’t disappointed….

Even before I opened the parcel I was excited by the fragrant, smoky, slightly sweet spice I could smell wafting from beneath the wrapper and was amazed to find a small tub of chilli powder that the incredibly talented Carol Anne had made herself! I love spices and have to stop myself throwing chilli in everything I eat so this was perfect. I’ve used it a couple of times so far but am waiting to pick a really special recipe to use more of it because I really think it deserves to be used properly- although I would be just as happy to use it as a nosebag the smell is that great! (CA: click the link to see the recipe for the very same chili powder)

Chili powder, gunpowder tea and garlic and chili vinegar

Not content with making just one item for me, Carol Anne also made some delicious chilli and garlic vinegar and some very unusual sounding turmeric sweets. Turmeric is another spice I really enjoy and use regularly but I have never seen it used in this way and was really intrigued by them. They actually reminded me of a slightly more savoury (although still sweet) crystallized ginger and I actually ended up finding them really addictive, the downside to this being a slightly tingly and bright yellow tongue so maybe a ‘maximum consumption’ rule needs to be applied! (CA: click the link for another blog post, this time about the turmeric sweets)

My other goodies consisted of some lovely little dried apple snacks and jelly babies as guilt-free snacks, some chocolate hazelnut Mikado sticks which I must have seen a hundred times but never actually bought but definitely will be again (the box also had a cheeky little squirrel on the front which has to make them a winner too), a jar of delicious Scottish lemon curd which indulges my sweet tooth to perfection and a tub of gunpowder green tea, something I really enjoy but only treat myself to occasionally when I’m out.

Semi guilt free snacks

Scottish treats

Carol Anne also included a pack of fantastic heart shaped foil petit four cases which I can’t wait to use and some lovely little edible gold star sprinkles to use in my (fairly newly) acquired love of baking.

The thought and effort that went into my parcel by Carol Anne absolutely blew me away and makes me so pleased I got involved in Foodie Penpals. If you’re not already, get involved and you could enjoy the delights of a surprise foodie parcel winging its way to you as well as making someone’s day by making up one for them.

Thank you Hannah for a great post – if you are still considering starting a blog, I know we’d all love to read more of your writing.

If you’re not already a participant, find out more about How Foodie Penpals Works and then go ahead and sign up here!


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