The Strawtini

This idea was borne of Celia’s strawberry daquiris at The Kitchen’s Garden. She posted them on a Saturday afternoon and, as it happened, I had a punnet of strawberries in the fridge just begging to be turned into a boozy treat. What I didn’t have was rum – I’m more of a gin fancier myself. So, I made strawtinis instead.

First, de-stalk and puree a punnet of strawberries. Pop them in the freezer for a wee while to get nice and icy.

Get out one of your fancy martini glasses. Take a slice of cucumber and run it round the rim of the glass to moisten, then roll the glass in some granulated sugar. Pour in two tablespoons of gin, a teaspoon of sugar syrup (if your strawberries need sweetening) and squeeze in a lime wedge. Top the rest of the glass up with your icy strawberry slush and mix well. Garnish with the cucumber wedge and another lime wedge.



Do not take any photos except one at the end, and drink two before dinner.

If you want to make sugar syrup, all you have to do is combine equal amounts of sugar and water in a pan, and heat until the sugar has dissolved and the liquid has turned clear again. You now have sugar syrup. It’s great for sweetening lots of different cocktails.

As you sip your strawtini, do yourself a favour and go and read Celi’s blog, it is so beautiful, warm, welcoming, funny, fascinating and soothing.

That is all.


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