The Year of Bread Part Fourteen: Simple Wholewheat Rolls

It seems like ages since I did a bread post – I’ve still been making lots of bread here, but I’ve also been making lots of cake, and it’s gotten a bit cakecentric round these parts. I’ll try to redress the balance a bit…

These bread rolls are really straightforward and made excellent packed lunches for me all week. Just what you need sometimes – I love fancy bread, but I don’t always have time to make it, so a reliable standby bread roll recipe is a great find. The recipe comes from Dorling Kindserly on Cookstr. I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter; instead of mixing, then resting, then kneading by hand, I mixed then put in the stand mixer to be kneaded for ten minutes – no resting. I also halved the recipe and made four sandwich rolls with the dough. As for the ingredients, I used half plain flour and half wholemeal bread flour, to try and keep the balance between strong flour and soft flour. I also used agave syrup in place of honey, and oat milk in place of normal milk, which means they are vegan friendly (though this was a happy accident, I must admit).

Rolls shaped after first rise

Rolls after second rise, sprinkled with oats

I tried to judge how much the rolls would expand and rise, so that they would join up a little bit and I would have to tear them apart again after baking. I don’t know why, but I really love it when you have a little torn bit on the side of your roll, that shows where it was once part of a batch of rolls. One big happy roll chain, at least until you came along with your bowl of soup…

I did forget to glaze the rolls with egg before sprinkling the oats over the top, so predictably they slid off again during and after baking. However, that had the cool effect of leaving a ring of oats around the bottom of the rolls:

The rolls were the right balance of soft and chewy on the inside, with good flavour. They weren’t too dense, as wholemeal rolls can sometimes be. They kept for four days, though the last one was a little dry, and they had a nice soft crust. A crisp crust is all very well at the right time, but when you’re eating a sandwich it’s important that the insides don’t slide right out of the side as you try to bite through the bread… Potentially very embarrassing. It happens to me all the time.

The only thing about making a more simple bread is that there is much less to say about it. Perhaps we can take the conversation into the comments: What’s your favourite sandwich? And what do you know about getting a soft crust on bread rolls?

I’ve submitted this post to Yeastspotting.

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