Movita Beaucoup’s Bake My Cake 2012 – The Final

So, OK, I got to the final of this competition! I’m absolutely made up, and my thanks go to all of you who helped me get there. It was a VERY close run thing, all the cakes in the competition are beautiful.

Today is the day of the final voting, and I’m up against some really amazing bakers, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up. However, I’d like to put up a good show, so please vote for me. You may only vote once from each internet enabled device – that means one vote per computer, iPhone, iPad, tinfoil helmet, whatever. That’s all I’m saying. If you have more than one of these devices you may realise that you can vote twice. This is a simple statement of fact. I know the other contestants are also aware of this fact. Know what I’m sayin’?

You may also work in a place where other people work. Maybe they would like to vote.

Perhaps you have a Facebook page, or you’re on Twitter. Perhaps your friends and followers would like to vote.

Maybe you are sick of me asking you to vote for me things. Well, I will stop asking when I win something for which I needed votes. In that case, it’s definitely in your best interests to help me win this time.

Movita says it’s not about the best cake, it’s a popularity contest. Did I ever mention that I wasn’t very popular at school and it’s left me emotionally scarred for life and winning a cake competition is the only thing that can repair those scars? I didn’t? Huh. You’d think I’d have mentioned that.

Here is a reminder of my entry to the competition, and you can vote for me here between 12 noon today (ie the second this blog post is published), Tuesday, and 12 noon tomorrow, Wednesday. Those are British Standard time, it’s 8am Tuesday to 8am Wednesday Atlantic Standard Time, and 7am Tuesday to 7am Wednesday Eastern Standard Time. Don’t say I’m not thorough. You *may* say I’m overly thorough. That would be nothing but the truth.


Hee hee… I love that wee Movita.

Here is the story I submitted with the cake, too:
On the outside, the cake is pretty, if a bit edgy – it’s black and white, it’s got little stars on, it looks every so slightly like a Tim Burton forest. Still, it’s three tiers of pure class. On the inside, it’s full of chocolate and booze. I am not making any direct comparisons, but if someone were to describe me as classy on the outside and full of chocolate and booze on the inside, I’d be pretty happy about it.
It’s a Guinness and chocolate sponge, filled with Guinness vanilla frosting and finished with a plain vanilla buttercream – the piping work is all buttercream, too, I much prefer it to royal icing. I decorated most of the cake with a burst piping bag, desperately trying to cover up the hole with my palm as black icing oozed down my arm.

Oh and it has a surprise Movita on the top! She is drawn right on there with an icing pen.

If you have accidentally wandered past the vote here link, which I would probably put in flashing neon lights if I could, here it is again.

And here.

And here.



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