Movita Beaucoup’s Bake My Cake 2012

Bonus Sunday post! Movita Beaucoup is running a contest to see who can bake her the most awesome birthday cake. I wanted to try my hand, because Movita is extremely awesome and I’m glad that she’s getting lots of birthday cakes, albeit virtual ones. Here is my entry, for your perusal. Oh, and since it’s a competition, you can also vote for me! I don’t have my hopes up at all, because I know that the other cakes will be superb, but if you like mine, you can let Movita(and me!) know by voting here (click to go to the voting page).

I’ve decided to put all the photos in a gallery, from start to finish – from humble beginnings etc… You can see my rock candy experiment in the background of one of them, too – that’s a work in progress, for a later post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the story I submitted with the cake, too:
On the outside, the cake is pretty, if a bit edgy – it’s black and white, it’s got little stars on, it looks every so slightly like a Tim Burton forest. Still, it’s three tiers of pure class. On the inside, it’s full of chocolate and booze. I am not making any direct comparisons, but if someone were to describe me as classy on the outside and full of chocolate and booze on the inside, I’d be pretty happy about it.
It’s a Guinness and chocolate sponge, filled with Guinness vanilla frosting and finished with a plain vanilla buttercream – the piping work is all buttercream, too, I much prefer it to royal icing. I decorated most of the cake with a burst piping bag, desparately trying to cover up the hole with my palm as black icing oozed down my arm.

Oh and it has a surprise Movita on the top! She is drawn right on there with an icing pen.

Here are the two photos I submitted to Movita; if she hadn’t limited it to two photos she’d probably have got almost all of the gallery above. She’s a sensible lady.

I really enjoyed making this cake, and it looks almost like it did in my brain! Not as polished, perhaps, but given the piping bag incident I feel like that’s excusable. I really need a new piping bag.

I’m so pleased that Movita liked my cake enough to include it in the competition, and that in itself is a kind of winning. Plus she describes me as cool which actually made me have to go for a lie down. However, in truth, I would also like to win the competition, and every single vote counts. Here is the link again, click here to vote. The group that my cake is in is only taking votes today so it’d be great if you went ahead and clicked the button RIGHT NOW not that I’m tense about it.


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