The Liebster Blog Award

I was so chuffed when Betsy from Bits and Breadcrumbs included me in her group of blogs she was nominating for a group of blog awards. I am in remarkably talented company and, once again, I feel very flattered and a bit bashful about it. Here is a link to her nominations post – I say there is a group of blog awards, and I’m not kidding. Betsy decided to solve the problem of having been given too many awards (can you say popular AND talented?) by making just one post for them all, and kind of playing it free and easy with the rules. I decided I’d choose the Liebster Award because the graphic is epicute.


The rules for this one are as follows:

  1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
  2. Reveal your top 5 bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

One and three are covered, straight away, but of course two is the tricky one. I’ve tried to choose five of my favourite bloggers who don’t already have the award, and I hope I’ve managed. Here they are:

  1. I Am Simply Tia – Tia is a sweet, sweet girl who makes great looking food and seems to do so without losing an ounce of glamour. How? I don’t know.
  2. Tabkhet el Yom – Nina introduces us to Lebanese food, usually with a nice story about her family to go along with it. I’ve already learned loads from following her blog, AND she pipped me to the post and nominated me for yet another award, so I like her even more now.
  3. Saffron and Honey – Ksenia has a unique looking blog and posts pretty photos of well thought out food. This month’s theme is pears, which I am very psyched about.
  4. Gourmande in Osaka – this is a blog which combines French and Japanese cuisine, and is so prolific that it blows me out of the water. You will never be short of a blog to read again.
  5. The Modern Home Economist – this is one heck of a lady. She is on a mission to be the ultimate woman around the house while also working full time, and it’s so interesting reading about her thoughts on the matter, as well as the great food and crafting she comes up with. Also she leaves lovely, encouraging comments for other bloggers, which is a huge plus.

Now, since Betsy (by the way, how much do you love the name Betsy?) grouped a few awards together, she also answered some questions about herself. I think that makes these awards more fun, so I’m going to answer the same ones, but they are not part of the official rules and definitely not necessary for anyone I pass the award on to – they’re optional fun.

1. Favourite color?

Purple! But also, as you can tell, black. I’m a goth at heart.

2. Favourite animal?

Ooooh this is really tough, but probably a gecko. I love those guys, their little feet are so cool.

3. Favourite number?

15. There’s a funny thing in my family where my parent’s wedding anniversary, my sister’s birthday and my brother’s birthday all fall on the 14th of their respective months (not all the same month, that would be crazy) – mine is on the 15th of my month. On the rare occasions that I play the Lottery, I always play 15. Just because I haven’t won *yet* doesn’t mean it’s not lucky…

4. Favourite drink?

My usual drink is a bourbon and diet cola drink as available. I am partial to a white russian, though, and I’m getting interested in cocktails – quality over quantity, it’s the way forward.

5. Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. I’m not very good at Twitter, though linking the two together does help with that. Twitter has been great for getting the word out about Foodie Penpals though, I’ll give it its due – check out #foodiepenpals

6. Your passion?

I guess I’d have to say food! Cooking, sharing and eating are all very important to me, and are quite important in defining how I relate to people and to the world. Though I do get quite worked up about contemporary British comedy, if you let me.

7. Giving or getting presents?

Listen, I love getting presents. Love it. The only problem can be opening them in a crowd, because you start to think too much about how your face looks when you’re happy with a present, instead of just making a normal happy face. However, I do also love giving presents, and seeing what presents other people got – presents are good all rounders.

8. Favourite day?

Friday night is my favourite time of the week – the weekend stretches out before you, full of promise. Unless you work weekends, and then every day is just another day. Sorry about that.

 9. Favourite flowers?

Tulips – purple ones.

I have now completed my duties for the Liebster Blog Award, and would like to say thank you again to Betsy and congratulations to my five nominees! Don’t fret over doing your own post, it’s definitely meant to be a bit of fun and not a source of stress.

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