Pancakes Past

Well, it’s Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday, and Twitter is pretty much going mad for it. So, here are two of my pancakes past – one sweet and one savoury.

For the sweet, take your favourite sweet pancake recipe and top with sliced strawberries and maple syrup. Very simple, but very delicious.

Alright, not so much a recipe as a serving suggestion – but a good serving suggestion, I think you’ll agree.

The savoury pancakes post does include a recipe – they’re sesame prawn pancakes, an invention of my own of which I am very proud! I made my own rice flour for these by grinding brown rice, and made up the recipe as I went along – it worked first time. A combination of educated guesswork and pure luck.

These savoury pancakes have black and white sesame seeds, tiny prawns and spring onion in them, and I served them garnished with chili and more spring onion, and with a spicy, fragrant dipping sauce. They’d also be pretty with a few coriander leaves sprinkled on top of the batter as it sits in the pan, so that they set into the top of the pancake when you flip it over. Click the link or either picture to get through to the orignal post.

I have some cool pancakes planned for later today but thought I’d jump on this particular bandwagon early. Have a great Tuesday!


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