The Versatile Blogger Award

Just days after my shiny blog makeover, I got this award from fellow blogger Averil, who writes lovely things over at The Cook, The Baker and the Clay Boy Maker. I have already had much inspiration from her recipes, and now she’s sent me this – I really am very grateful, not to mention flattered.

So, with blog awards come rules. For this award, those are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award on to 15 bloggers

The first is easy – Averil, thanks a million!

The second is less easy. I have decided to go with one quite personal story, and then six facts in the order in which they pop into my head. As I start writing this, I can only think of one fact, so I’ll begin with the story. Are we sitting comfortably? I’m going to begin regardless, you may as well say yes…

Fact One (the long one): I used to write a lot, from a young age. I wrote stories, and typed them on the computer in a big font, and always worried about my characters names far too much. I never felt anything sounded like it could possibly be someone’s name in real life. I used names I’d heard on TV to try and deal with this, though of course that didn’t help. This even ran into my school work – we would have lessons where we learned new words, then used them in a sentence. I remember vividly writing a sentence about a boy called Wayne who balanced on the pavement kerb all the way home from school. I had never met anyone called Wayne, but I had heard of the film Wayne’s World and, despairing of ever thinking of a name that a real person might have, I used it.

You could say that I’ve always been an over-thinker.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I used to write prolifically. I wrote a ‘book’ about a Space Captain (me) and her crew, and their adventures. I wrote a story about a magic, wish-granting ring, and one about a haunted house. I started writing a story about a girl named August (that name thing really never got better) who lived in the future, in a time when there were no stars. I re-wrote the lyrics to popular songs, like Weird Al does, but perhaps not as well. I wrote diaries that were terribly tedious, even to me. I wrote *fake* diaries about a much more exciting life, where I was nineteen (that magical age!) and grown up (ha!). I wrote a screenplay about a group of girls playing a silly séance game that scared the heck out of them. As I got into my teenage years, I wrote dreadful angsty poetry – and probably some that wasn’t so angsty and dreadful. This is where the root of the story lies – ‘probably’.

One day, one horrible day that I’ve never really got over, I deleted everything I’d written from my dad’s computer, by accident. All my stories, all those angsty, heartfelt poems (and the non-angsty ones, too), all never to be seen again. I was trying to copy from the desktop to a disk (a floppy disk, no less, this was in the Past), thought all the files were safe and deleted the originals – properly deleted them, didn’t just put them in a virtual recycle bin from whence I could easily salvage them, albeit slightly crumpled and marked with the stains from virtual tea bags . They were gone. That moment after you delete something you didn’t mean to delete, it’s pretty bad even when it’s something of minor importance. I’d just thrown out several years worth of over-thought, oft-edited, well loved words. I was cold inside.

I was fifteen then, and I never really wrote much for pleasure after that until I started this blog, just over two years ago. I went through university and wrote essays and exams as required, but rarely did I find myself in any kind of zone, as I used to when I was hanging out with the characters I’d written. There was a gap of over a decade where I just didn’t have it in me. All those words that had blinked away into nothing with the click of a button seemed somehow to drain me of all and any other words that I could ever have considered writing. I did the odd thing here and there, including a very sappy (but sincerely intended) love poem not too long ago, but really it’s been Rock Salt that brought me back to writing for the love of writing. I, for one, am glad that it did. Thank you for reading.

Fact two: I don’t like peanuts. I’m not allergic to them, I just don’t like them. We are now back to reality and away from my memoirs.

Fact three: My favourite authors are Stephen King and Terry Pratchett, and I always feel a bit embarrassed to admit it, as if I should have loftier tomes on the bedside cabinet. They’re both excellent authors and I love them. There.

Fact four: I don’t have a favourite recipe, and I feel needlessly pressured by those chain emails that say ‘send a recipe to these two people and before you know it you’ll have a hundred new ones to try!’. I always try to think of a recipe off the top of my head, and then I delete the email in a bad mood because I can’t.

Fact five: I love lizards. A lot.

Fact six: I’m quite a good singer, but I’m also secretly shy so I don’t like doing it in front of anyone. If I’ve had a few drinks and there’s a guitar in the room, though, look out.

Fact seven: I think Granny Smiths are the best kind of apple.

Finally, the 15 bloggers who I’m passing the award on to. I’ve tried to choose people who don’t already have it, and there are so many great bloggers that it’s hard to choose – I’m discovering more every day. Here is my list, though, and I hope you’ll check them all out.

  1. He had to be first – the G Man writes and draws an awesome blog, Artist Gas. I publicly absolve him of having to do the rules of this award because I know it’d do his nut in, but you should check him out anyway.
  2. Miss Lucy writes a blog called Offally Good, where she shares with us her year of eating only offal, game and responsibly sourced fish.
  3. Clare writes a superbly named blog, The Apocalypse Bakery (Because the End is Pie).
  4. Baker on the Rise shares beautiful recipes and photos in every post.
  5. Anne at I Heart Cupcakes writes about cupcakes of all kinds, and shares loads of tempting recipes
  6. Rob at Mint Cuisine is a new blogger who’s already posted some great recipes, and he’s running a giveaway right now, too!
  7. Chris at Mince and Skirlie is a scholar and a gentleman, and he cooks up a storm.
  8. Chef-eye has recently moved from the UK to Sweden, and his girlfriend is due to give birth any day now – if that’s not versatile I don’t know what is.
  9. Jillian writes another perfectly named blog, Whisky Drinkin’ Chimney Sweep. Apart from the great title, she shares interesting recipes and is basically as cool as funk.
  10. Beauty H2T tells you all you need to know about health and beauty in an accessible, fun to read, fun to look at way, plus she is SO GORGEOUS that I could just die.
  11. Cake in the Country is where I found the greatest Devil’s Food Cake recipe ever, and I’ve been a fan ever since
  12. Domestic Diva, M.D. gives a story from her life alongside an accompanying recipe with each post; you’ll laugh, you’ll get hungry.
  13. Jessica writes An Antiquarian’s Personage which, in her words, is a medley of beautiful things and collective pursuits: tangible and intangible alike.
  14. Sherimiya makes bento so good that you have to believe it to see it, and luckily you can at Happy Little Bento.
  15. Frugal Feeding makes the most of a small budget to create top quality food. There is officially no need to get by on beans on toast any more.

I made it! This is a long post without any pictures, well done for getting to the end of it. Thank you again to Averil, to all those bloggers up there and to everyone who reads Rock Salt. I’m off to let those lucky 15 know that they have their own epic posts to write.

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