Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards

Well, here’s a turn up for the books. I nominated my own blog (yes, I went there, sometimes you make your own luck…) for this a while ago and then forgot all about it, until I noticed a couple of hits coming from the Dorset Cereals site today. I decided I may as well go the whole hog and ask you guys to vote for me! As I said on my Facebook page – if you like the blog, go ahead and vote, and if you don’t vote it’s OK, because I’ll never know. I’d draw the line at fibbing about it, but I’ll let you make your own call on that.

The prize is a Dorset Cereals goodie bag and a very exciting egg cup. I only have one egg cup, it’d be nice to get another one. Plus, if you vote, you get entered into a prize draw to win Dorset Cereal product, so you might even get something back. More plus: there might be something in the goodie bag that I can use in a giveaway as a ‘thank you’ to everyone for voting. Extra plus: I’d be happy if I won.

I’ll leave it with you. Click the button below if you feel generous.

Dorset Cereals little awards


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