Ginger and Honey Dinosaurs

Rawr! This is the first time I’ve used my dinosaur shaped cookie cutter, and I just loved how the biscuits turned out. I made a few dinos and then made the rest of the biscuit dough into sweet little stars, so that it would stretch far enough to share with everyone at work. The recipe for is here for these gingerbread biscuits – though personally I do feel that honey and ginger biscuits is a more accurate name for them, the honey flavour is really pronounced. This is explained in the recipe note, and the recipe itself gives you the option to add more or less ginger as you prefer. I say MOAR!

The dough is so easy to make, even without a food processor, and is quite unusual in not needing any eggs to hold it together. The ingredients are all easy to get – you might even have them already in your kitchen, making these perfect last minute biscuits, at any time of the year. You can make them fancy with coloured icing and decorations if you fancy it, though they’re pretty cute as they are. Especially the dinosaurs.


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