Cranberry Sorbet

This was another part of Thanksgiving dinner – a nice foil to the sweet pecan pies. The recipe is here and very easy to follow – I didn’t even make any changes! Oh, except that I froze it in little tiny bowls, instead of using an ice cream maker. I was concerned about the texture, but I needn’t have been; freezing in individual portions meant that we didn’t have to scoop it out to serve, which can be hard to do neatly, or even churn it as we went along. That said, even if you did freeze it in one big bowl, you could easily serve it as a granita without it being any the worse for wear, so your options are very open.

The sorbet is, as the note on the recipe suggests, very tart in that way where you can feel the back of your jaw tightening up, right under your ears. You know, as though your face is turning inside out, one tooth at a time. If you’re not a fan of this sensation (why you wouldn’t be is a mystery), maybe you’d be better off using a different fruit that will be sweeter. You can, of course, add more sugar, but then what’s the point of using cranberries at all?

Here are all my sorbet photos – they do not (sadly) include anyone’s faces going inside out. If that did happen I’d definitely take it as a sign the recipe needed tweaking. And possibly that I needed to call an ambulance.

I’d never bought fresh cranberries before and they were a lot bigger than I thought, with a really waxy skin. There was quite a lot of that skin left behind when I sieved the cranberry puree, as you can see in one of the photos. For the first minute or two of cooking, I thought they were going to keep floating around in that sugary water forever (how impatient am I?), but after that they started to pop, and the whole pot started to bubble up. The bubbling is being ably demonstrated hin the photo above by my sister from another mister – how nice to have another pair of hands so I could get some action shots.  Well, I say action – we’re not talking Cranberry Van Damme here, but more action than you usually get in my photos. Except this one.

Cranberry Van Damme.


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