The Lies I Tell Myself…

They include, but are not limited to:

  1. I’ll just whip up a batch of <x>, that won’t take ages
  2. These dishes will only take a minute to wash
  3. I’ll have a nice sit down just as soon as I’ve finished the aforementioned dishes
  4. I’ll have a nice sit down just as soon as these cakes are out of the oven
  5. I won’t offer to do so much baking in one week that I end up eating granola for dinner every night at 10pm
  6. I will definitely not be upset if people offer me constructive criticism of my cakes
  7. I’ll eat at least five fruit and veg every day. Starting next week
  8. I’ll properly clean the kitchen next week, that means inside the cupboards and the oven and everything
  9. I’ll sort out all my photos. Next week
  10. I’ll start blogging again… Next week…

Next week is going to be extremely busy.

Until then, here is a selection of my photos from the last few weeks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What are your favourite fibs? I think we all have some!


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