Birthday Chocolates

Following on from the Daring Bakers reveal, here are my first two attempts at filled chocolates, which I made for the G man’s birthday. I made three kinds: white chocolate with Amaretto ganache, dark chocolate with white chocolate and raspberry ganache and dark chocolate coconut creams. I only made five of each, and I think this was actually harder than making a full batch would have been, and possibly just as time consuming. Making these chocolates helped me to get to grips with lining a chocolate mould ready to be filled, and there was a lot of mess and a few mishaps along the way.

Firstly, I thought it’d be really clever to set up some food warmers, to keep the chocolate I was using nice and liquid while I filled the mould and made the two kinds of ganache. Here’s my set up:

I still think that this was a good idea. Sadly, it falls into the category of ‘good ideas that don’t actually work’. Like putting your alarm clock on the other side of the room so that you have to get up to turn it off, and will therefore be miraculously awake and ready to start your day. Or buying cereal bars to make sure you don’t eat a huge and unhealthy breakfast (except that what happens is that you eat both a cereal bar AND a bad roll, or perhaps just a whole pack of cereal bars). What happened in this instance was that the heat from the tea light, inoffensive as it may look, burned the chocolate at the bottom of the bowls, meaning that I had to start over again. Really, I did make a lot of mess making these chocolates.

I’ve already explained much of the method behind these in my August Daring Bakers post so I won’t get into that again. I’ll stick with pictures and a brief description of the fillings in these chocolates. To make the ganache for these, I measured out equal amounts of melted chocolate and double cream into a small bowl, mixed together then added a flavouring. This isn’t necessarily a method you’d see expounded anywhere else, but it did the job for me! I think it’s a decent way to make several small batches of ganache – for one full batch, melting the chocolate and cream together in a pot isn’t exactly difficult. For the Amaretto filling I added almond liqueur, unsurprisingly, and used dark chocolate. For the white chocolate and raspberry I added raspberry liqueur and used (you guessed it) white chocolate. The coconut creams were a mix of shredded coconut, icing sugar and double cream, mixed to a consistency that would be thin enough to spoon into the chocolate moulds but, hopefully, thick enough to bite into without running out of the chocolate shell.

It’s taken me about two months to write this post! I keep coming back to it, then going away from it again… I’m going to solve this problem by putting in all the photos I have of this, my first filled chocolate making experiment, and let it rest at that. As you can see, they were far from perfect, but it had to start somewhere!



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