Year of the Cake Part Twelve – Birthday Swag

Well, what can I say? Yesterday was my birthday, and my friends and family were so generous in their present giving – yet perhaps I spy an ulterior motive? Among my new items are: a sugar craft pen for writing on cakes – it’s my favourite colour, purple; a food umbrella so that I can leave cakes out to set without the fear of the one fly that happens to be in my flat at that time becoming trapped in the icing like a sabre-toothed tiger in a tar pit, although admittedly on a smaller scale; sprinkles in different shapes and sizes – one pack of red hearts, one of elegant white pearls and one of dinosaurs (rawr!); a bag of chocolate covered, gold coated coffee beans for fancy decoration; a beautiful wire cupcake stand that looks so pretty and delicate even without any cakes on it; a cake carrier, so I can transport big cakes more easily from my house to work, or other people’s houses; a cupcake recipe book with over 200 recipes in it, some of which look almost unbearably good – there is a section of savoury ones, I love a savoury cake, me; and, finally, a personalised apron with my nickname and a skull and crossbones on it – actually it’s a skull and crossed cutlery, which is even better.

I think I can spot a theme. I might be paranoid, but it could be that the people around me want me to make cakes. All i can say is that’s fine by me – it makes me as happy to make them as it does to eat them, and with all my new kit I’ll be turning out beautiful and delicious cakes as often as I can justify to myself.

The final word on the brootnies is that they are good, but not especially sweet. I prefer good, old-fashioned, quadruple chocolate brownies myself. These ones are lighter though, and definitely healthier. In fact, they practically count as one of your five a day. The bottom line is that of 34 brootnies that were made on Thursday night, none remained by Friday night. People enjoyed them, and every recipe can’t be the best one or ‘best’ would lose all meaning. Still, I won’t do them again unless by request; I do intend to try another healthy recipe involving black beans in place of butter – wish me luck.

A thank you to everyone who has been so kind, and a proper post with photos is forthcoming – including a photo of the wonderful, hand knitted cakes I got! They look good enough to eat, I love them. I also got more, non cake related Things of Beauty, but that is for another day. For now, here is a picture of the Smartie cake my mum made me, and it was just as delicious as I remember them always being.

Commissions now being taken for cakes and cupcakes – I’m sure I would charge veeeeeeeery reasonable prices…


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