Recipeless Coconut Cake

By which I do not mean that you don’t need a recipe, but rather that I have no idea what the recipe was. I should have taken notes. It was a lovely dense cake that tasted strongly of coconut, and I finished it with a rosewater buttercream; this I achieved by making a plain buttercream (icing sugar and butter at a ratio of 2:1) then adding rosewater a tablespoon at a time until you could taste it, but it wasn’t overpowering, then adding a few drops of red food dye to make the icing pink. The cake was both filled and iced with the buttercream; it was iced in a hurry, too, since I spent too much time blogging and not enough time organising myself on that day. I quite like the sculpted effect that using the back of a spoon gave – I’d like to getmyself a set of decorating tools, though, including a big smoothing gadget, which is really just plastic with a handle but would be really handy. Supposedly you can use the edge of a ruler to get the same effect. I’ll just get mine from my schoolbag… no wait, I haven’t owned either schoolbag or ruler for years. Tape measures are rulers for adults, that’s what I say. I’ve got two of those, but they’re no good for cake smoothing.

This cake let me use some girly decorating stuff – it’s not usually my comfort zone, but now and again I like to branch out, you know? Apart from the pink icing, I got to use my pink and cream dragees (balls, to the coarse among you), glittery pink writing icing and what I can’t help but think of as disco dust, even though that probably means drugs. I just mean edible glitter. It was nice, letting my feminine side out. Now she’s gone back in to do the dishes. Is that still sexist if I’m talking about myself? You can decide.

The pink icing was less disastrous than the purple (the results of which you can see here) but not as good as the white (which you can admire here) – I think that practise has a lot to do with it, though, and knowing that this particular icing doesn’t take much pressure to get it out of the tube definitely meant I was forearmed. Or maybe fore-armed, or plain old fore armed. Not four armed, anyway, though now and again that would come in handy. I’d have those pearls round the edge of the cake in no time, with four arms.

Sidenote: why does the WordPress spell checker think that purplde is a word? It is not a word. You’ll ask me every time I use the word ‘dye’ if I mean ‘die’, and try to substitute ‘walk’ for ‘wok’, but purplde? Oh yeah, purplde is fine. Apparently other people on the internet think it is a word, too, since it brings up Google results, but then again that’s the Internet People for you.

This short post takes the place of the long, week of bento post that I started to write. That can wait until tomorrow to be finished because, as much as I wish it were otherwise, tonight is Thursday, and I must get off to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. Hope you like the pretty cake!


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